Monica Bellucci, and frankly I love Istanbul I discovered later, to the regret of this city

Many men dream sexy star Monica Bellucci, with her husband, Vincent Cassell'le 68 Venice Film Festival were among the guests. Shown in the festival's competition section "Un Ete Brulant" film some scenes in the buff in front of the audience Bellucci, the private lives of the reactions, filming everything to come to Turkey Reha Erus'a told that the children love.
If you like, Bahman Ghobadi "rhinoceros last poem," because of the film came from Turkey, let's start there, spent the days ...

- I discovered later to Istanbul, I love this city and obviously I regret. Certainly, this fantastic live in the city.

What aspects of you came to attractive?

- The people of Turkish culture is also great ... Especially the kitchen, one word, extraordinary. He even thinking about food sulanıyor my mouth. Is there any other place in the world is a beautiful addition to the Bosphorus, leads to suspicion. I spent two months in Istanbul, delicious. I will come back soon. Bahman Ghobadi is already wanted in particular to make the film's premiere in Istanbul, he did not break me.
Istanbul really impressed you so much?

- Does not affect at all ... Hospitality, friendship, solidarity, respect and interest of people in the family, he feels. Great charm. Do not exaggerate in saying this. Must also go to my wife of course ... Romance of the mysterious aspects of the city because people have more yaşatabilen a charm. In short, the days in Istanbul, for me, an incredible human experience since the cinema was one.


I'm sure you know the dreams of many men süslediğinizi. How is this feeling?

- Of course the nice ... And am very proud of this situation. On the other hand I think it is exaggerated situations. Perhaps I am giving myself too. Every director wants, because I'm doing ... "Race" soyunuyorum they say, "none service," they say sevişiyorum. No Kaprisim. But I look at myself. Think of it, she gave birth to second child on set after a full month. Emziriyordum a baby every two hours.

So the attention of men kıskanmıyor Does your husband?

- Why is kıskansın? He also is a theater worker like me. He orders a servant. Him in the directors' none service, "he says, he, like me, having sex in front of the camera. I kıskanmıyorum him. I have an understanding and trust between us.

You're married and have two child, Vincent Cassel, but at the same time your spouse together very often he can not complain ..
- Unfortunately, it ... Tangent to each other, passing continuously in recent years, especially with my husband ... Venice in a single night, our heads were able the same pillow, and he only for three nights. program at the moment, but here it is different. For example, we have to get out the red carpet, even separately. Immediately after his film premiered at the mine. This is life. Sometimes we have the air at the same time, but it is in New York, I'm flying to Paris. Even if a family is almost impossible to go to a place like this. Intense pace of shooting, because it is blocking.

My wife is shocked to see that scene

47 years old, married for 16 years and are happy ...

- Yes, I am very happy. Although our problem is often both together gelememe ... Perhaps the secret of happiness.

Philippe Garrel'in latest film "Un Ete Brulant" ta look completely naked. However your partner what he said?

- Just saw that ... But two months after he withdrew from the scene and extremely topluydum Sunrise. Probably watching "My God! I hope you do not like this extra large, "he says!

Or your children? How to break them?

- Children with me almost every time. I go wherever I ... Also had taken to Istanbul, for example ... Even if we found a special educator for Deva. In fact, the second baby, Deva asked not to be alone. Deva, but very fond of me for her brother to Leonie'yle not very good. Kabullenecektir Of course, sooner or later.

Deva was 7 years old. What are you doing for the quick acceptance of his brother?

- In the time of pregnancy, my belly always wanted it to be the hand of Deva. The first contact most mattered. Where are We Now for the time left.

What you owe your success?

- Is written not to read about myself! Including interviews with the so-called ... In addition, the ear not to exceed the deer hair ... not being connected to my work with love ... I think I on my way right.

Going to meet Vincent THEATRE STAGE

Do not you think your partner to meet the same film at all?

- Of the page. A project will begin after two months in Rio. Deva are looking for even an Italian school. Then we will be together on stage at.

Which game?

- "Una Giornata particolare" (Special Day) ... Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in the movie theater the roles of new life to me and Vincent.


Is there a message to Turkey?

- I'm in love Turkey and the Turks. I love them, amazing. Role in regards to all my friends here through you, sending öpücüklerimi, I embrace them tightly. Aranızdayım again as soon as possible. Ciao Istanbul and dear friends!

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