Milk fish in the western Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean, Antalya, was caught for the first time

Akdeniz University Faculty of Fisheries Assoc. Dr. Gökoğlu Mehmet, Ali Gülşen'in Gazipasa diver living with the phone by calling themselves, the county is an interesting fish caught by purse seine fishermen told said.

When analyzing the new pictures of the fish, any species living in the Mediterranean that benzetemediklerini Gökoğlu, their examination of the fish, then the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Australia, grown in cages in the Red Sea and the western Pacific Ocean, said they have identified that the milk fish. Expressed their excitement about the capture of the fish in the Mediterranean etiren Gökoğlu, "the idea of ​​fish farming in Israel, moved to contact Israeli scientists. They also reported that the fish are grown for their own country and other countries in the Mediterranean basin. The fish caught in the Mediterranean are also very surprised, "he said.
Gökoğlu, milk, fish caught by fishermen Gazipaşalı 110 centimeters in height, weight, indicating that only 6 kilos 650 grams, milk, fish up to 180 centimeters and 16 kilograms büyüyebildiğini said.


Milk fish sightings in the Mediterranean for the first time and yakalandığına Gökoğlu striking, this is a kind of fish species commonly grown in the Philippines said. Between the people of the Philippines located in the most consumed fish in the fish meat is very tasty milk stated that the Gökoğlu, "Milk fish reach this size, the yetiştirilebileceğinin may be a sign of the fish in the Eastern Mediterranean," he said.
"Milk fish can be grown in Turkey," Structuring of some research that tells the Gökoğlu to say, "the Mediterranean is yaşıyabiliyor this size, gave us hope for the growth of the Mediterranean. A kind of freshwater fish that may enter their mouths. Grown in the regions close to the shore to a depth of 30 meters, "he said.


Assoc. Dr. Gökoğlu, the Gulf of Antalya on fish as their work with the Faculty of Fisheries, who emigrated from Red Sea and the Mediterranean for the first time before this 45 come across the type of fish, milk fish is the kind of 46'ıncı said.
Red Sea, the fish went into a variety of organisms such as shrimp, as well as addressing Gökoğlu, stressed that the major impact of global warming, these migrations. Began to encounter one of these species showed that the Mediterranean tropikleşmeye Assoc. Dr. Gökoğlu, "In other words, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean, began to resemble. Some differences between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea disappears, "he said.

At least 600 nautical miles traveled ROAD

Turkey is the closest to the fish habitat that the Red Ass. Assoc. Dr. It is not possible to identify where it came from the fish live Özvarol, but even though most have come close to the Antalya region to reach at least 600 nautical miles (about a thousand kilometers) to be sent anywhere noted.

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