Urgup 1 International Festival of vintage started

41st district of Nevsehir, Urgup National 1 International Festival of vintage Urgup, Nevsehir Governor of the Republic Square in procession march was also attended by Abdurrahman War.
Cortege, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality mehter Sword Shield team and teams were also in folklore. During the march, accompanied by a cortege is full of grapes that Urgup famous grapes of the tools were offered to citizens.

Honorary Mayor of the festival's opening speech, Urgup Stars, Urgup city in the world are explained in any environment, Urgup's history, nature, farming, sharing a global value of the protection and said it was necessary yaşanılması.

Urgup Municipality successfully so far in an attempt to introduce the world that they are all vintage Festival in the festival for the first time this year that they carried with them an international platform stars, march in the opening of the festival, said that a good example of the merging of state and nation.

Governor of the war, the current season, seasonal work is the result of a receipt, stating that coincided with the bozumunun bond, is to appreciate the efforts of such events is extremely important that the said fine.
War, a plantation of human life, just as in agriculture, labor and labor to harvest period, which stated that as a result.

Procession marches and speeches and then the Congress Hall Hotel Antakya Civilizations Perissia Choir concert attracted great attention. The festival will end on Sunday, Sept. 11.

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