Excavation works in the capital of the Hittites Hattusas secret underground passage to 10

Carrying out excavation work on behalf of the German Archaeological Institute in Çorum Assoc. Dr. Andreas Schachner, during excavations in the Hittite Hattushash to 10 reported that a secret underground passage.
Schachner, said in a statement, continued excavations in the lower city, which is open to visitors potern 10 more secret underground passage to the door like that, as in the previous year of excavations in the lower city are concentrated in areas near the city walls, he said.

The first settlement in the city is Hattusas down and goes back years of history in around 300 BC, about 2 thousand Schachner, the growth of the empire is being built adjacent to the city up and down the city with the majestic structure has been brought into the present Hattusas told.

Hattusas recent excavations that the city gates with the emergence of a secret that expressed Schachner,''Down in the city which is open to visitors, like the door potern found 10 more secret underground passage. Also located on the city walls in a one arrived at the door. Remained intact, if possible, and to reveal the underground gates and are planning to open at least one visit,''he said.

Schachner also down the city wall is a large part in the temple was restored and opened to visitors targeted, said that within 3-4 years to complete this work.

The door will be restored Sphinx

Visiting the excavation site which gives information about the studies Boğazkale governor Morteza Dayanç'a Schachner, after years of Earth's home to be returned to the gate, where the masonry Bogazkoy Sfenksi'nin Hattuşaş'daki been removed from the mid-point of the hill said.
Here a total of about 4 pieces removed from the sphinx Schachner,''This is one of four sphinx, sphinx, which will be brought from Germany. The other is on display at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. One of them was completely destroyed as a result of a fire, even though the original place where the other stands a great destruction. Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the home of the Hattusa Sfenksi'nin initiatives for the Hattuşaş'a getirtilmesi resumed,''he said.

Gate Place a copy of the sphinx, Schachner do that,''Displaced prepared by taking a copy of sphinxes on display elsewhere. Arranged for tourists to visit the former case is scheduled to open the door. Exactly the same size as in the King's Gate, and the sphinxes of the characteristics, placed where it belongs. Appear to be provided, such as the sphinx and the door on the day,''he said.

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