thousand-year egg-shaped pottery graves, attracting the attention of visitors

2 adults and 2 children on display in the Museum of Amasya where the 7 thousand-year egg-shaped pottery graves, attracting the attention of visitors.
Museum Director Celal Ozdemir, museum and exhibition of new regulations in 2007 with the arrangement of the rescue excavation of the mound in the town of DOGANTEPE reached the graves of the Neolithic period pottery began to exhibit, he said.

Excavations, the people living at that time buried their dead under their houses in pottery Other investigators describe Ozdemir, "Amasya Museum Directorate in 2007, the town realized DOGANTEPE rescue excavation in jars made of baked clay for the first time we found out that the human skeletons. This is the first time feature the skeletons of Amasya region, "Hocker 'call, finds buried in the fetal position was that the babies in the womb. The most interesting thing for us to be unearthed in the cemetery of a family here, "he said.

Approximately 110 cubic centimeters of rescue excavations in two separate parents from the present 7 thousand years ago in a small pot with a baby skeleton buried in the 2.5 to 3 years of age, as well as the ashes into a small container they had found the grave of a child describing Ozdemir, the first time, the scientific archaeological excavation of these tombs belonging to the Neolithic, especially within the cube seized the Black Sea and underlined that one of the first to Amasya.

New works on display at the museum that catches their attention, and began emphasizing Ozdemir, especially in the 7 thousand-year-old pottery tomb, said the baby's attention.

The finds date back to neolithic age in the history of Amasya, housing is an indicator that points Ozdemir, on the other hand, the baby's skeleton skull painted red painting tradition of vaccine for the first time the Black Sea region is noted in the incidence of this mound.

Ozdemir, 7 thousand visitors a year waiting for a new baby and his family, he added.

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