Take so much interest by those who want to surf Gokceada

Imbros City Council Speaker Bulent Monthly, said in a statement, coming from Bulgaria and Romania have shown interest in separate Gökçeada surfers, he said.
Month, as surfing Gökçeadalılar previously did not know what, 6 years ago, a Bulgarian, a surfing instructor on the island, stating that it has found a very comfortable surfing can be done,''At first they looked at with a critical eye. Rain, snow, surf without saying that the athletes have seen, was strange to us,''he said.
Gökçeada before the holiday season begins in July and August, tourists come during this period, into the sea, but the surfers coming season, 6-7 months, which indicates uzadığına Monthly,''so much more in each passing year, increasing the number of athletes,''he said.

Monthly, Gökçeada surfers surf freely and can do so by specifying a peaceful, said:

Surfing is a very expensive sport''. Equipment, very expensive schools. This has cut costs, so athletes need to know soon. Transportation, lodging, food and drink must restrictor. In this respect they are ideal for Imbros. Sport in many countries of the world's surfing beaches on the coast will have to pay the money to do. Getting 40 or 50 euros to take advantage of the beach. From there, they're free. Our Municipality is working really selfless about it. One of many parts of the world kiteboarding (kite surfing) and can not be together windsörf. Talk of the Island coast, at the same time both of them can do. This too will increase demand for the subject. The opening of the airport, the construction of new hotels will become the world's number one sport of surfing Imbros. There are currently Gökçeada 5-surf school. One of them run by Turks, the Bulgarians, the other 4 schools. While surfing the sea should not be wavy. Sea will be calm, but the lapping sea, the wind will be horizontal. Salt Lake got wind of it around Imbros and Aydıncık beach. This wind Alaçatı'dakinden better. There are high-quality wind. 1-week surf tourism regions of a serious program ends around 5 thousand euros. Here you go spend 500 euros for a week and 1 Bulgarian.''

Dimitrov, the Bulgarian Ogi Gökçeada surf school for 4 years, the people said they came to the island to teach surfing. One of the best areas of the island is quite telling in terms of wind Dimitrov,''Imbros, in this regard is quite develop. Alacati Turkey for the first few years were on our way we came. But from there the wind better than this place. That is why we chose this place. Imbros, from Bulgaria to come close. Come to the island in 4-5 hours''he said.

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