Sunken ships in the world's largest museum to be established in Istanbul.

Istanbul University (IU) School of Literature, Department of Protection of the Underwater Cultural Remains President and Head of IU Yenikapi Wrecks Project. Dr. Ufuk Kocabas, said in a statement, said the excavations reached the world's largest sunken ships in the repertoire.
Kocabas, since 6 years working on these ships, the vessels formed in the laboratory, examined the said land.
To continue this project of the University has established a major branch of science, a master's degree in this field, explaining that they Kocabas doctoral education, graduate education in 2015, stressed that plans to provide.

Kocabas, önemsediklerini this work, seriously, that they, for the completion of the project to continue and said that the second generation of the yetiştirdiklerini.

University of Texas of 9 and 5 of the ship in the construction of the ship responsible for the scientific examination stated that the Kocabas, said:

Land this university was the 9th ship''. We would like to continue that because it's so bulky, but we let a project. Because the vessel 27 for a group very much indeed. I wish I Had a few groups, hafifleseydi cargo. We will review the scientific 27'sinin 36 ships. A total of 31 ships in the conservation of the museum establishment, and will perform the operation. This is the world's largest project in the western ships. Land since the ships are carrying more than 6 years. Complete remove of all the documentation procedures. Because on-site documentation is very important. Currently, one ship remained in the field. Towards the end we came to work the land. Pioneering project for Turkey. Each ship of the period has been made, the most high technology.''
A team of about 30 years without a break and working 6 days a week, ship-building techniques that transfers araştırdıklarını Kocabas,''At that time, how did the masters of such ships, which used the tools are working to resolve them. We do not know have used a construction technique. Looking at the way we do not know, and it made before the Byzantine period. The traditional procedure in the Byzantine period, a transition period took place between the modern ship. Yenikapı can find all the details of the transition period. We think a period of 600 years of the ships sank. In addition, the technique used for the different layers are passed hand are We have solved''he said.

3-dimensional drawings of''doing''

Kocabas, ship-building techniques and also is preparing a doctoral thesis, said the thesis be published as a book.
The majority of the vessels, there is a whole in the form of voicing Kocabas, said:

''This is a great chance for us. Around the world, so far no archaeological excavations in the Byzantine-era warships, galleys may not be found. Galley used with 6 found in the Navy. These are long, thin, delicate vessels. Made of the lightweight material for oars they move. Now we are doing to resolve them. 15 thousand on the above mentioned number of nails in a galley. This figure is even terrible. They also are making 3-dimensional drawings. What was missing parts of these vessels, they are designing. They are trying to find the right way. All works, so that the ships protected by the laboratory intact. We apply different methods to protect the wreck of the ship each.''

Japanese fish protection

Large water-filled pools in parts of the field from the ship transmits parasitic Kocabas, said:
Very suitable climatic conditions, bacterial or fungal growth''in Istanbul. Therefore, if you make long-term storage of bacteria in stagnant water, yeast, various worms, fly larvae occurs. You have to use to destroy the very powerful drugs. That is life in the pools sıfırlamazsanız able to use these organisms as food ahşaplarını ship. Another method is to ensure that these bacteria to eat other organisms. To this end, we put the goldfish in ponds where the vessels. The use of ships to protect goldfish. So far we have achieved very successful results. In particular, these fish larvae and grubs yaşatmıyor pools. Japanese fish for almost a year we have a very successful experiment.''

Depending on the project stating that the ship left on the creation of the museum Kocabas,''We have established a museum to the museum, even if we do not have to put the material. Conservation of a long process because the water-saturated wood. Abroad, there are examples of this. Minimum 10 years before the conservation work of these ships do not stop. In addition, there are 36 ships. At the same time more than one review of the ship and we can make, as well as conservation başlayabiliyoruz. The number of ships to be very 2025, the last of the ship before the year 2030 shows that bitmeyeceğini conservation. The first ship will be on display in 2013. In other words, the first ship in 2013, 2 ships in 2014, 2015 4 ships. Aim to finish in 2025-2030 until the last ship,''he said.

Kocabas, there are ships going around the world for 20 years, conserved, United Kingdom in terms of mass removed from the ship,''Mary Rose''is a very large and beautiful ship, he said.

Removed from under the water that transfers of this ship in 1982, Kocabas,''I am the first in 1995, I visited the ship. In 1995, conservation was emdirilmeye material. I would visit every 5 years. The most recent in 2010, I visited, is still being continued conservation. Budgets of these studies is very high, with tons of chemicals used in the phrase is. 40 tons of water in my pool here is a wreck. Very exacting in the form of a project,''he said.

In the meantime, during the archaeological excavations carried out within the scope of the Marmaray and Metro projects in the 36 sunken ships and 35 land transport Yenikapı complete. Thanks to the sunken vessels from the Byzantine period which is estimated to ship wreck the world's largest museum to be established in Istanbul. Removal of the last vessel is expected to land in January.

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