Legendary rock band James in Istanbul on October 6

Last year, The Charlatans, UNKLE and assertive Escape to the world-famous musicians, which hosts music concerts of Avea, the latter will affect the city will begin in October.
Avea Escape To Music Concerts held in the second this year, October 6 Thursday, Maslak Refresh the Venue, with a different location on the rock music begins with the Manchester band James. Hyde Park in London in June led by singer Tim Booth, the legendary group stage, so far from each other when an ambitious 12 albums, over 25 million albums worldwide
reached the sale.

Getting Away With It on October 6, Laid, Sit Down, Say Something, She's A Star James hit of dozens of such rockseverler say in unison, will experience an unforgettable concert

James, the legendary group to meet with fans counting the days in Istanbul, in 2001, although not officially made a break for the music and in 2007 decided to resume his career by making a new start.

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About James:

James, musical life began in 1983, Factory Records, signing an agreement and that same year, the first single, "Jimone" u released.

Manchester at the beginning of the end of the 90s-80s, capable of living in the explosion of emotion with this feature, the group attracted the attention of the media, leaving behind the like. A turning point in James's "Come Home" and "Sit Down" and initiate a period of singles was released. "Sit Down" Music Liste'lerinde United Kingdom has achieved a huge success, peaking at number two.

From the year 1993 "Laid" and bearing the same name as singles, "Laid" together with the United States also began to have an effect. In 1994, Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti in conjunction with the American composer, "Booth And The Bad Angel," an album that group in 1997 under the name "Whiplash", the group's 1998 hits compilation, "The Best Of" albums released. The following year, the group's "Laid" album, then working with James for the first time with producer Brian ENO "Millionares" was released.

December 2001, which is on tour in England that you can see James on the last turn on the full staff, because the group's lead singer Tim Booth, James, was leaving after a short period of time announced. After a lapse of 6 years and in 2007 the group met again in 2008, "Hey Ma" album released. In 2010, the group who released two albums to date, 25 million albums worldwide, has achieved success by selling a hard to reach.

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