Did you make a mud bath in the Salt Lake Imbros

The only salt lake in Turkey, Central Anatolia has. Imbros Aydıncık area to visit and have one of the best zamanlardayız. Write a layer of salt water as a result of evaporation of the attention, a natural lake.
Sulphurous mud on the banks, rheumatism, psoriasis, diseases such as arthritis is believed to be good. Just as well at the beginning and then get cool by swimming in the mud bath.

Salt Lake, is adjacent to the coast of Imbros in the corners Aydıncık. It is 13 km away from the district center of Imbros. Especially popular during the summer months, about 2 km length of coast Aydıncık. Aydıncık lively beach in the summer, as well as those entering the sea, drawing the attention of those who wind surf. Founded in 2004, this increased interest in surf school in the region. Imbros Surf School, 2.5 miles long and half a beach shore, windsurfing and kite-board is designed for education. Aegean Sea coast, the wind blowing from the north-south on the corridor. Continuous wind blowing from the land, providing the opportunity to surf three different trails. The wavy, wave, or have a shallow route options. An average of 300 days per year the wind is blowing in the region. You can also find accommodation at the School of Surfing Imbros. (286) 898 10 22

This area is now popular with local tourists, as many foreign tourists. Used when the weather Gokceada Diving Center, is using it to dive.

Salt Lake next to the beach about 1 meter depth Aydıncık. This lagoon, lake, sea, sand, wind and waves, a set of stacked, separated coastal lake took on the form the development of language. Fed with salt water and rain water from the sea. Establishes the lake during dry periods, only the salt layer on the remains.


Salt Lake bed covered with a layer of white salt, type of water evaporates. White lake, exhibiting a unique landscape. Under the moonlight here in a photo shoot, as well as you can enjoy an unforgettable walk. Eliminating the need for the people of the island salt lake, is also an important refuge for many species.

However, the withdrawal of water is thought to be good for some diseases resulting dark-colored mud. The research determined that the sulfur abundance in the mud. Rheumatism, psoriasis, said to be useful in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis. But the structure of allergic itching, burning, he is also known as adverse effects. If you want to apply the mud to your body, follow the following way: wait for the sun to dry sludge and rub your entire body. You can choose to bathe immediately near the sea. Practitioners, such as skin, softening sludge applied to a mask, he says.


Salt Lake, windsurfing and kite on the board in the spring as an ideal place for beginners. Plan to visit this place their own tents and caravans than Aydıncık Beach which should remind those who use. Campers electricity, water, shower and toilet facilities are such as to meet the needs. Some of the pension-hotel also offers service. There are 2 km away from the beach Eşelek Village. It stands out in the home pansiyonculuğuyla, another alternative is to stay. Board has about 25 villages. Some villagers in the summer kiralıyorlar 2 bedroom homes. 4-5 people can stay in homes. Bench in the village has a large number of selling groceries and vegetables and fruit. In addition, the villagers raised products, set up shelters along the way to those on Aydıncık mevkiinde affordable price.

Now go watch flamingos

Imbros Salt Lake, a nature tourism value as well as the presence of an important and productive wetlands. Foods salty waters of the lake attracts a large number of bird species here, including Flamingo, especially wild duck, stilt, such as feeding birds stayed here. In autumn, the rise of the waters of the lake, is visited by many birds. These birds spent the winter here, can be viewed by the curious. This elevations near major ecosystem is seen in the scrub communities. Kızböceklerine also are found around the lake. Salt Lake, which is the value of nature in a quiet, manages to preserve this natural wealth.hürriyet


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