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Izmir Directorate of Culture and Tourism, according to data compiled from January to July 2011, 279 thousand that 70 Turkish citizens, Izmir, 758 thousand 730 foreign guest entertained in the process.
The number of tourists increased by 21.85 percent compared to the same period last year helped.

145 thousand 210 thousand 943 foreigners from Izmir in July 741'i air, 65 thousand 202 used the path to the sea. Was 9.91 per cent increase on a monthly basis.
The number of Turkish nationals arriving in Izmir in January-July increased by 11.57 percent compared to last year.
Most tourists from Germany

7 months of 2011, Izmir was the entry of tourists too from Germany. Germany, France, Italy and England followed.

According to the same period last year, 46.80 percent of the number of German tourists, 48.92 percent of the number of French tourists, was increased by 11.89 per cent in the number of Italian tourists.

British tourists were the decrease in the rate of 11.17 percent. In this period, the stranger came to Izmir in 758 thousand 485 thousand 960 730 air, 272 thousand 770'i used the path to the sea.
5.13 per cent last month compared to same period the previous year, 22.34 percent showed an increase in the sea entrances. Rate of 9.91 percent of total inflows accounted for 69 percent of the actual increases in air, sea accounts for 31 percent of the entries are created.

Ephesus is the most multi-Kent

Various museums and historical sites around Izmir and this year it has continued to welcome domestic and foreign guests.

January-June 2011, a total of 1 million 640 thousand 218 people had visited the museum and ruins. This is 1 million 200 thousand 854'ü paid visits, 275 thousand 595'i free, 163 thousand were with 769'u Museumcard.

The ancient city of Ephesus was located in Izmir, which hosts many tourists. Ancient city of Ephesus in the 6 months, according to the same period last year increased by 25.4 percent to 868 thousand 870 people visited. 167 thousand 868 people here with the St. John Church, 154 thousand 212 people watched the Acropolis.
Museums and historical sites while revenue increased by 50.86 percent over the same period the previous year. 6-month period, revenues were 4 million 786 thousand 728.
This income was 3 million 41 thousand 715 TL ancient city of Ephesus.

2011, according to the accommodation facilities at the 139 cities, 13 thousand 136 rooms and 27 beds capacity is 861 thousand.

Tourism investment in the accommodation facility of 43 and 5 thousand 230 rooms and 471 bed capacity is 13 thousand.

354 pieces tourism travel agency, a professional tour guide in Izmir, 467 thousand tourists trying to.

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