Medieval castle dominating the hill was built at the side of Snake River Ceyhan

Snake Castle, 13 km from Ceyhan. E-5 highway, 3 km away. dir. Completely dominated by a very steep hill, which are established on the Ceyhan plain supposed to be built in this time of the Byzantine castle. Also known by the locals as the castle Sahmeran.
Snake in the Middle Ages the castle during the 12th of the Çukurova Crusader occupation century, the dominant side of the hill, was built on the Ceyhan River. Both plain and have checked the path of the Silk, where the integrated natural resources. Solid square castle walls, three gates and doors and then linking the ladders have been used to achieve the very güçleştirilmiş conquest. From the name of the castle was abandoned in the principality Ramazanoğlu 1357'den while repelling the famous Turkish traveler Evliya Celebi 17 century in the region gave its name to Castle Şahmaran Efsanesi'nden Şahmaran due. Then, in the name of the castle Yılankale Anavarza, Tumlu and Kozan Castles in the field of view and is located.

Archaeologist Edwards, snake castle courtyard, separated by three examined the plan. According to Edwards, more two courtyards at the bottom, designed to protect the south-east wing. The walls are designed and placed in the bushes with a highly intelligent, very difficult to attack with the help of steep cliffs. Courtyards, each one has a single entrance gate. Differences in elevation above the ground a little more yükseltili, sheltered section, a ladder can be achieved in every way and round-trip each way is easier. This section constitutes the most extensive and heavily defended units and serves as a garrison house.

The highest and most northerly units have a chapel and a large part of cisterns. There is an iron gate to the south of the castle overlooking the Snake. Body walls of the castle almost lace-like embroidered. Building on the Byzantine, Crusader and Armenian repairs can see the remains of the wall. Armenian repairs, door frames, windows and vaults himself over the door indicates, this is an Armenian inscription documenting repairs are available on the structure.

Misis Ceyhan River in the northeast. The four faces of the castle is 700 meters circumference. In between two crenellated towers of eight floors. The fortress on the steep rocks is a significant artistic value. Is a large door that opens to the side of the road up, it is protected mazgallarla. The castle is the inner court is entered through the door on a flat square. Properly go to the desired location is reached by stairs from here.

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