Caravanserai 12 km from Ceyhan to the wolf's ear. southeast wolf ears town

12 km from Ceyhan. Kurt southeast Beldesi'ndedir ear. According to the inscription of works in the Museum of London 1659'da caravanserai was constructed by Hussein Pasha, the architect Mehmed Aga.
Adana and Aleppo on the caravan route caravanserai in Kurt's ear range, range, looks like an Ottoman. Robustness of the castle has a very thick and solid walls a caravanserai.

Consisting of a large rectangular plan has different features in the eastern front, the classic architecture of the caravanserai. Fringe on three of the walls of the area over the whole body as strong as the stone which has been reinforced by buttresses. Tabs on the Eastern front, with the exception of the caravanserai plan for a standard size of 45.75 X 23.60 meters, with two rows extending transversely to each other with pointed arches and pillars, and all the upper cover which constitutes the merger gives rise to longitudinal barrel vaults.

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