Mosaic Museum, the temple's floor mosaics exhibited in a museum Misis

Misis Mosaic Museum, Adana Yuregir Misis metropolitan district of the town, which is active since 1959 and remain in the ancient city of Misis, 4 late-century floor mosaics exhibited in a museum in the temple. Depends on the Museum of London Archaeology. Adana, 26 kilometers away.
Misis ancient city located within the boundaries of the floor mosaics of the basilica in 1956, the German archaeologists who excavated Mound Misis Prof. delegation. Dr. H. And Dr. Theodor Bossert. Were revealed by Ludwig Budde. Mosaics from the mound to protect the museum has been established. During the flood of Noah's ark devrien Byzantine mosaics depicted the animals. In the form of a table or stand in the middle of the mosaic is made ​​of Noah's Flood in and around the ship, where a flock of 23 birds and poultry, wild and domestic animals in this group are around. Glass brick walls of the museum is composed of light to pass.

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