Kaleköy inscrutable face of Heaven

In the village of the town of Demre, Antalya Ucagiz Kaleköy,''described as''paradise on earth. Kaleköy, sarcophagi and challenging years of spectacular natural beauty attracts the attention of tourists.
Kaleköy the historical name of the ancient city of Simena, history, nature and the sea is one of a trio of nesting areas is rare. Road is not connected to the Lycian sarcophagus in the sea, welcomes visitors Belediye settlement. Blue Cruise Mediterranean enthusiasts, does not without Kaleköy. Can climb stairs, walk to a height of 300 meters from the sea, the medieval fortress of stone. Undulating crest of a giant Turkish flag, literally thousands of years of historical richness and natural beauty greets.

Looking down from the castle, which is a natural harbor where the sunken city and the village of Ucagiz, islands in the sea, creating pieces of great beauty. While inside the castle, a small Roman theater, the soundness of the sarcophagus still remains below the tens. Difficulty level: the historical and natural sites in the first degree is banned. Consisting of stone houses in the village's only four board and nearly 100 beds. Those who want to stay here a few months in advance to reserve a seat. Kaleköy, silence-seekers, who want to relax by reading the address book.

Difficulty level: the Belgian Valerie Charlanne vacation,''I am here, I feel myself in heaven. This is paradise in the world. Of people find inner peace here. Yakınlarımla will come back next year,''he said.

French holiday-makers come to Kas, Eric Lohrer and Kaleköy'ü also participated for the first time during the tour, said he saw. Lohrer,''I realized that I have come to heaven to see Kaleköy'ü. Just returned from Kas, I left the hotel and I decided to spend vacation here. Next year we are all going to have a holiday,''he said.

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