Salt Lake, the tourists who flocked to see the natural beauty and stunning views of the

In Central Anatolia, Ankara, Konya and Aksaray provinces bordering the Salt Lake Ankara-Aksaray highway 135 km of the shoes by removing the section of the lake near the town of Şereflikoçhisar walking through the local and foreign tourists, çektiriyor plenty of souvenir photos.
Tourists, Salt Lake, walking barefoot, foot health is good, considering the lake of mud facial wrinkles and their bodies continue to believe to be good for rheumatism.

Fur Şereflikoçhisar Governor Hasan, convoys of tourists said they were satisfied with their interest in Lagoon. Companies organizing tours to Cappadocia, a break in the Salt Lake stated that the routes on the Fur, the sunrise and sunset in the middle of the steppe of the tourists said they found a chance to izletme unique landscape. Domestic and foreign tourists walking about with bare feet into the Lake furry, circulation, there were tourists, especially during the summer months, the positive contributions of the county's economy and said that the country's tourism.

'Our goal in the Salt Lake 1-2 days konaklatabilmek tourists'

The objectives of local and foreign tourists from the Salt Lake area is longer voicing konaklatabilmek Fur, said:''For him around Salt Lake domestic and foreign tourists are going to create in the coming periods, such as health centers, facilities and would like to give smb. The benefit of mud and salt. As far as I know, salt is good for asthma sufferers. We would like to create these centers, chambers of salt. This is a way to work and have plans. Our municipality is also working on this issue.''

Fur, Salt Lake, around the more modern, better health facilities aimed at making domestic and foreign tourists, he added billet here in 1-2 days. Salt Lake, a large portion of Turkey In addition to meeting the need for salt, and stunning views of the spectacular natural beauty of the place.

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