Turkey wants the stolen head of a marble statue

The Independent newspaper of Britain's leading museums of the Turkish authorities by contacting the Victoria and Albert more than 100 years long ago moved to London from Anatolia were demanding the return of a piece he wrote in a sarcophagus.
Marble sculpture in the form per child, according to the newspaper is currently being held in London, the museum's store. Sidamara 25-ton sarcophagus on display in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The newspaper, like in this period of 1700 years Sidamara Lahdi'nin one of the finest examples of records has been accepted. Sarcophagus, in 1879 the archaeologist Sir Charles Wilson by the time British Consul and the Konya-Eregli found near an excavation. Wilson on the Tomb figure of a boy with his head to London in 1882 led to dismantle. Curly-haired figure, looking over his shoulder, likened to the Greek god of love Eros'a. Independent, sarcophagi marble head of the consul kopartan, then take in the whole of the work the grave with the intention of shipping the top of the backfilled örttüğünü transfers. The stolen figure in the later donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum by descendants of the former consul. Indepedent, taken to England in a way similar to the Parthenon Mermerleri'nin poses reminiscent of the unresolved issue for years between England and Greece. Conditions for return Transmitting the words of the Turkish tourism officials in London, Mohamed Tüylüoğlu'nun Independent, last year's contact with the government of Turkey passed a museum, but so far the success of the work sağlayamadıklarını reports the return of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Speaking at the Independent British museum authorities,''Turkey's demand seriously reviewing''they say. Museum for the return of the works according to the rules "is not approved retention" or "disposal of the students and the public is not at a loss" requirement sought.

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