Comes at the beginning of the natural riches of the largest lakes of Lake Egirdir

Egirdir Lake, located within the boundaries of Isparta province, and the natural riches of the Lakes Region is one of the largest. North-south trending tectonic lake formed the northern border of a large debris field Egirdir Lake, 468 km ² with a surface area of ​​Turkey 4 large lake.
The lake at an altitude of approximately 917 meters above sea level, with an average depth of 14 meters and the deepest point is around 16.5 meters. North-south length of 50 km of the lake, the east-west width varies between 3-15 km. On the north side of the lake, covering an area smaller than the right and the left section of Hoyran Boğazı'yla Hoyran Lake, the largest section in the south of the lake is called Egirdir. In general, turquoise-colored lakes, and some days and times for the different colors, has assumed, among the people known as the seven colors.

Rich, as well as the potential for fishing and crayfish, which is very important in terms of irrigation and power generation from the lake, as is being exploited to irrigate the surrounding agricultural areas, an average of 25 km in length and a channel connected to a small lake south of Eğirdir also feed the lake, which is an Aquarius and so I and II hydropower plants in bucket of water needs are met in this lake. In addition, completed in late 1994, a portion of the need for drinking water facilities in the city of Isparta is provided Egirdir Lake.

Lake, a road connected to Eğirdir are two small islets. First, Campbell Island, and the second Yeşilada'dır.

Campbell Island; Egirdir located between Green Island and 7-acre (7000 m²) with an area of ​​the small islets. Residential area is not used as a picnic area with tent and caravan tourism. During his visit to Ataturk's reputation Eğirdir Canada, dated February 1, 1933 decision of the municipal council has been given as a gift, then to the heirs of Ataturk's reputation, the municipality has passed from them Egirdir.

Green Island: Eğirdir's most beautiful tourist area on the island, such as natural beauty, historical riches, is located next to the Church of Hagia Stefanos. Fish restaurants serving local and foreign tourists, and home pensions developed.

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