protection of UNESCO on the list, tulip garden, Selimiye Mosque in Edirne

Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, 2 Selim mosque built by Mimar Sinan. Sinan, 90 (of 80 passes in some books) years of age, and his "best piece" says both of Mimar Sinan Selimiye Mosque is one of the most prominent works of the Ottoman architecture.
The construction according to the inscription of the mosque's door 1568 (AH: 976) was started in. Planned, but the opening of the mosque on Friday, November 27, 1574 II. Following the death of Selim was opened for worship on March 14 1575'te.

Ownership, Sultan Selim Stiftung. Today, the area of the mosque in the heart of the city began the construction period Suleyman Celebi, subsequently developed Edirne Bayezid I the first palace (Saray-i steel), and there was the harem of Baltaci Guards. In this area, "Sarıbayır" or "Poplar Square," he mentioned.

Edirne Why?

Sultan mosque in Edirne to be made as to why the city chose not known precisely. Evliya Celebi in his Book of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, he saw the sultan's dream and a mosque to commemorate the conquest of Cyprus, which it wants yaptırmasını wrote. However, three years after the initiation of construction of the mosque of Cyprus in 1571 the conquest of truth to this claim can not be known. Commenting on this issue is more realistic at that time a large new mosque in Istanbul, they are not needed, and Selim in Edirne in Rumelia is the center of Ottoman rule in the city since youth he exuded love, attention is drawn separately.

Prince Çıraklığımı Mosque in Istanbul, I did. I completed the Süleymaniye Mosque Kalfalığımı. But all my power supplies and an expert in the living and the Mosque of Sultan Selim Khan declared. (Mimar Sinan)


Perched on top of earlier no Selimiye mosque, or temple of ancient times used an unprecedented technique. Previous domed structures, the main dome, despite the gradual rise over a half-domes, the Selimiye Mosque, 43.25 meters high, 31.25 meters in diameter, covered with a single Water Front. The dome on 8 columns, based on a pulley oturtulmuştur.Kasnak, filayaklarına depends on 6 meters wide arches. Sinan, it covered the interior space at a time along the width and commodiously provides easily understood. The Dome of the mosque at the same time also determines the outward appearance of the main lines.

Each of the four corners of the mosque minarets with three balconies 70.89 meters high, 380 centimeters in diameter. According to some sources, including the height of the minarets world 84, 85 Another was to some meters. Two near the door of the minaret şerefelerine sentence thrown three separate exits. Other two minarets, one staircases. Stone carvings of two pit in front of the minaret, minarets, the carvings in the middle of the fluffier. To be close to the dome of the minaret of a mosque, such as stab up towards the sky shows the most important feature of the mosque of Edirne, all by the storms.

Interior decorations

Mosque's marble, tiles and calligraphic craftsmanship is also important. Inside of the building is decorated with Iznik tiles. Sovereign gallery at the bottom of the Great Dome, 12 marble columns wide and 2 meters in height. Some of the tiles 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War, the Russian general Mikhail Skobelev was taken to Moscow by the removed.


Structure, to the north, south, and there are 3 doors opens onto the courtyard. The inner courtyard, is decorated with colonnades and domes. Worked diligently in the middle of the courtyard is a fountain of marble. The outer courtyard of the primary school, Darul kurra, Darul Hadith, madrasa and soup kitchen is located. Primary school children's library today, a theological school used as a museum. In the past, the mosque was lighted with torches. Torches that is, to create air flow through a hole out of the firms with a specially made.
"Inverted tulip" motif

Under one of the marble pillars of the mosque muezzin mahfilinin reverse is a tulip motif. According to tradition, the mosque is a tulip garden on the land had done. This is the owner of the land, initially did not want to sell arsasının. In the end, a tulip motif at the mosque to Mimar Sinan arsasını sold willingly. Mimar Sinan was the tulip motif in reverse. This plot is a tulip garden, tulip motif, is the opposite of the inversion represents the owner.

World Heritage List

June 28, 2011 on Tuesday, a UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Paris of Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Complex, the World Heritage List, the nomination committee evaluated and unanimously decided to enter the Selimiye Mosque and Complex, the World Heritage List.

Thus, the work of the Ottoman Empire entered the World Heritage List for the first time. 

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