From the start of the first central heating system in the world İshakpaşa Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace, near Mount Ararat, near Dogubeyazit Doğubeyazıt'ın 5 kilometers away from the former is built on steep rocks. 116-room palace is actually the tomb that resembles an eagle nest, mosques, walls, interior and exterior courtyards, the sofa, and the harem rooms, wards and stronghold of a gentleman.
Image Image Colak Abdi Pasha started the construction of the palace, 1685'de Dogubeyazit, Ishak Pasha palace, his son and grandson of Governor Cildir 1784'te completed by Mehmet Pasha. The construction of the palace took 99 years to an area 7,600 sqm.

Palace of the best examples of Turkish architecture Ishakpasa; Turkestan, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, combining the features of a Turkestan yapıdır.Camiinin domes like domes. Reminiscent of the Palace of Topkapi palace, the doors of the Seljuk style.

Harem of the palace, covering area of ​​50 x 115 meters in two floors, the other sections were single-storey. Today, the second layer is completely destroyed. The palace is entered through a door opened, but the hill to the east. Other parties to an altitude of 20-30 meters is surrounded by solid walls. Through the door, before you entered the outer courtyard. There is valet and groom around the courtyard outside the rooms, and Backgammon. Plug in the form of a large outer courtyard is entered through an arched inner courtyard. Inner courtyard has a variety of rooms and dormitories. Ishak Pasha has articles extolling the walls of the harem in the middle circle. There are two lion statues on either side of the door. Court room (meeting room) and 20 meters wide and 30 meters in length.

At the same time, the world's first central heating installations furnished residence.

In the past the place where the palace, the palace is located in the middle of a residential center. The plain side of the houses, the other side of mosques, cemeteries, and there were other structures. But all of these structures were demolished. House completely renovated in recent years, rescued from destruction.

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