Erzurum Yusufeli Georgian valleys, churches

Between nine and 14th centuries, the Kingdom of Georgia, to belong to the region north of Erzurum. Yusufeli the road towards the north, the steep mountains on both sides, apple, mulberry and walnut table, reminiscent of a garden beautiful villages of wooden houses.
The road east and west of the magnificent old churches listed in the kingdom of Georgia, undertook the task of reminding. It only remains to be reached, and most of them remember that the only people upset the birds.

Anatolia, describing the places you visit "is based on very old ages," he was wont to write. But really it is, you touch each stone by hand in hand with one of hundreds of years ago ignited, the pursuit of history at every step along the sürüyorsunuz. Yusufeli the situation is no different. To 5500 BC, based on the history of the area proved. The mouth of the river valleys and slopes of one of the established Coruh Yusufeli, due to the geography of the mountainous and hilly layout of the tribes have been seeking safety. Many past civilizations. Among the architectural signature of the region who have been Bagrati Dynasty. Prevailing in the Middle Ages, many monasteries and castles reached Bagratlılardan today. Holy Cross Church in Akdamar Island in Lake Van is also linked to the dynasty. Because the ruling in the 9th century Georgian region Bagrat Dynasty, Dynasty of medieval Armenia Bagrat manages relatives. The architectural styles are very similar.


Erzurum plain from the north takes you a while to stand worth, at the end of a small town, known Tortum waterfall is waiting for you. When you will reach a turnoff on the left to continue for 25 kilometers Bağbaşı. Here you will see a surprise; tiles covered with a dome-like drums, a wonderful structure was built in the 10th century: the Church of the Virgin Mary. Community of Islam in the 17th century, when accepted, a church converted into a mosque. If you start here to explore around, which was in ruins today, the most brilliant periods of the other churches in your presentation is easier to visualize how they look.
As you continue north to the place where you will Bağbaşı'nın Tortum Lake, a picnic or a lunch menu for the trout is a good location. Tortum waterfall landscape formed during the winter months simply amazing. During the summer break for the Camliyamac (Öşkvank with the old name) is a better choice. Here the lake is not only able to watch at the same time, the valley formed by the River Coruh. Camliyamac also astonishing grandeur of a 10th century cathedral is also home to the cathedral frescoes, inscriptions belts being exposed to extreme natural events that could reach today.
KALE AND MOSQUES surprised Yusufeli

Walk a few steps backwards Yusufeli come back to the main road. Last days of discussions on the agenda Yusufeli HES. I mean to say the growth of the country's energy needs increase. No objections to this, the construction of the dam and HEPP Yusufeli people, but strongly oppose the establishment. Forced to leave because of objections to remain in their homes, as well as the rich wild life, climate and vegetation to be destroyed. God's gift to the earth will be under the waters of one of the corners of heaven to know that it hurts the people inside. Yusufeli, the dam is still important despite all the danger of rafting center.
Yusufeli a very interesting social structure, where one of the lowest crime rate in our country. A single prison, he is usually empty, but they are all going on from time to time inmates convicted of guests, from the neighboring provinces.County, but the Mediterranean climate of the only places in the Mediterranean region, the fertile soil of a few years can be harvested. Apple, pear, cherry, lemon, olives, cereals and rice varieties, as well as can be grow any plant of the Mediterranean.
Ottoman rule in 16th century mosques in the towns of that period are found. One of the interesting mosques in the village of the district Esendal Esendal Mosque was built towards the end of the 1800s. Very elegant wood and stone. Another historic building Demirkent Görülesi Mosque. The exact date is not known as there is an inscription of the initial construction, everyone agreed that it was built as a church. Decorated with floral motifs, not only in the pulpit, all the wooden decorations in the mosque deserves your attention.
Armaşen Castle, Castle Oşnak, Ersis Castle, Castle Ogden, Peterek Castle, Castle Nihah; all Yusufeli, not all of the medieval and unfortunately none of the inscription. Other than these common features are already there, man "it's just how high were built?" Will say to the world from a distance and look at the hill. Once upon a time the entire region, not only the duty to protect castles Yusufeli despite all the splendor yıpranmışlıklarına not lose anything.
Or the nature of the now defunct Village Barhal Altiparmak sports hoşlananların place. West of the village gave its name to a new and highly appropriate for both trekking and mountaineering Altiparmak Mountains, northwest of the region you can see one of the largest glacial lakes in the mountains Marsis. They resisted a centuries historic sites, the sweet-smelling air and added to the nature of heaven like a man finds himself, while smiling all day long. The words will not fit on the farmer's boundless hospitality. Valley, which is unique, and overalls with Barhal folklörümüzde played the game of Koba is a special place to remember the fans.
Parhal manuscript of the gospel, according to John the Baptist towards the end of the village Barhal Church was built for 900 years. The first additional sections at different times and repairing the church is known. In fact, the structure was built as a monastery, so that could reach only part of the magnificent church. Converted into a mosque in the mid 17th century and still serves as a mosque.

WANT to marry the daughter of the blood BRAIN HAS THE NAME OF THE CHURCH

When you continue to progress and to the north of Lake Tortum Çamlıyamaç'tan, Olur'a left before the turnoff to the Ishan and then come to a junction. Ishan is a beautiful village built on a plateau, is home to the Church in a huge bloody. This structure, known as the 6th century monastery built by Ishan Bagratlılarca, also served as the seat of bishop. "Bloody Church" Mention of the reason, the brain region that manages to marry the beautiful daughter of the blood loss.
Artvin is a part of the church first came under the Ottomans converted into a mosque and was used as a mosque until 1983. From this year the parts of both the church and the mosque, unfortunately, is out of usage. Pictures on the wall was in good condition as far back as 25 years. Today it is rapidly losing their colors, however, blind arches that form around the horseshoe-shaped arches of the apse is still beautiful. Extant an inscription written in the language of the Georgian King III. Explains that the founder of the Church of Bagrat. Its dome would collapse at any moment, such as, be careful.


When you turn from the main road north from Erzurum Olur'un formed by different colors of rocks, steps and jump to the extraordinary Coruh Canyon. After a few miles from the road bends Yusufeli. Tekkale you take the left turning. Here, the ruins of the building gives its name to the region stands at the top of the rocks. How is this so high, and removed the stones will have trouble to imagine. Dörtkilise'ye Tekkale continues a bad way, where there were four churches at one time but now I really just like the road that lies hidden in the back of the plants had a lovely 10th century church. This draws attention to the beautiful but extremely simple construction of stone arches, a few survivors of fresco area between 961 and 1000 for his portrait of King David Magistros'un there.


There is little flat land in the Valley of the Barhal, so a breath of fresh air to fill the one hand while walking on the other hand if you want to enjoy a spectacular nature, or to afford to have to climb or descent. The possibilities offered by its geographical position has made the Yusufeli District favorite extreme sports enthusiasts. The rafting is a team sport is one of them. One of the newest sports, rafting in the world and this sport is one of the most important trails here. One of the wonders of nature for the first time in Turkey in 1992, the Çoruh River was the scene of a rafting competition. One of the reasons hiking in the Yusufeli arrival. V ar Yusufeli many beautiful tracks. Walking tours are organized for tourists, which lasted 11 days and it is being used for the 17 different tracks. To live together in the four seasons is one of the most beautiful of memories accumulated in the lives of tourists. Kaçkar and the sport of climbing mountains Altiparmak ideal for lovers of nature, and offers routes.

Summits of the mountains and glacier lakes in the crater lake of about 50 of those parts of the table is a beautiful cut his breath. Mountains are a mountain range Altiparmak actually an interesting natural phenomenon occurs every year. All the same, although heights of mountains, buildings, and only the third peak in the clouds hit the ice grains that attracts the attention of everyone to leave here.
Yusufeli have a very rich cuisine, if you try if you enjoy different tastes kavut vaccine, kuymağını cheese, a dish of the Caucasus hinkali not go back without tasting. Kaysefe pelverde dessert with your meal, or crowned.
Beliefs also have a team like that everywhere Yusufeli. One of them is May seven. Is believed to be auspicious bathing day of the seventh of May Coruh River. It remained in the barn with the old religion of the Turks and the summer holiday period is said to sayılabileceği a continuation of the celebrations.

With traces of the prehistoric era Savang Cave, on the road connecting Yusufeli Kilickaya Bakırtepe'ye district, village, hamlet Alanbasi. Not open for tourism. Stream bed is 25 meters high, covered with soot and the floor is completely attained a section of the crash has occurred. The most important feature of the cave, where an inscription containing the handle to pass a variety of human and animal figures.
Runic alphabet used by the first inhabitants of Central Asia written in the era. Contains very important information to light that period if the inscription is believed to be resolved.

The nature of the village took the name painted. Surrounding the colorful image, tuff, basalt, andesite and sedimentary layers is. Rich in iron oxide content of the soil of the hills to the village because of the crimson dye derived not only objects used in the decoration of houses painted. Is known to be a very old settlement, but a consensus on the exact date varılamıyor. In the past there were two separate villages Boyalı'da; one side of the river one side of the hill.

Yusufeli extremely reasonable hostels, although the best hotels to stay in Erzurum. Tekkale'deki Cemil's Hostel (Tel: 0466 811 29 08) simple, but extremely original.

If you want to do justice to this part of Turkey, there is a car you really need. Local buses and at the same time take the villagers Yusufeli Erzurum and bring back days for the set, so much does not meet the needs of the visitors.

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