Even if Europe and America, wondering what is the Mevlevi

Although it has never established the foundations of a religious order. Chat with his friends to organize meetings, religious speeches made ​​at these meetings, listened to music, whirling and zikredilirdi done. 
Over time, Rumi's ideas spread and increased the number of those who want to participate in the meetings. Some of these people were coming from foreign countries such as Iran and Arabia. Rumi, put some rules for the meetings to order. In this scheme, the origin of the rituals of the Mevlevi sect, after losing Mesnevi yazdırır.Oğlu Şems'i oluşturacaktı.Gönül friendly and student of Sultan Veled Husamettin Celebi, and then develop it before coming yaymışlardır.Mevlana Anatolia and other regions, 'One of the descendents who return to Kütahya lies in the mosque.
Rumi's son Sultan Veled postnişin (sheikh) after a cult center (lodge) was built. This lodge, were read the Koran and the Masnavi has become one of the Sufi Orders. Mevlana, Konya, where relatives and friends buried in the Yeşilkubbe (Hadre dome), and the order became the spiritual center. Today, many Muslims have been visiting this shrine and the next tekken.

Mevleviliğinin sema ritual at the beginning, the dervishes began with the arrival of ecstasy. Ulu Arif Çelebi from the sky before time began to read the Koran and Gazels. The shape of present-day ritual called Sema Response 15 century was the time of Pir Adil Celebi.

Proprieties, and has an advanced rule system Mevlevi ... For instance, a common side dish with a spoon food meals are taken yeniyorsa yenir.Kaşığın food into the mouth with the other side is taken to not touch that touch the part of the meal ... In addition, all assets realm of God assuming a value to them verilirdi.Örneğin parts; spoon lunch öpülerek start, their backs they wear vests were worn öpülerek, ... As with the other sects of Mevlevi wool is worn and that the material and spiritual poverty, especially in form of a Showing

Rumi's mysticism, Sufism is not just limited to the asset, a mystic and an idealist, completely elude ferdiyetten and personal ambitions, and the public, which is manifested by contrasting it to spread to the community and a love for the extravagant social life, a human in sight, and an absolute unity, morale everyone sahadaysa itself, Kamil abide by a general reformation, and with admiration for the beauty, and a departure for the better, and so the reality that manifests in nurture a human character, which has worked a Sufism. The importance of the philosophy of Islam known as Sufism, Mevlana and Mevlevi büyüktür.mevlevilik and tolerance of human-oriented, aimed at the beautiful and sincere, do not regret to give up being a great scholar and forgiveness while ago vardır.kısacası Şems'ten Shams Mevlana's heart with a heart so wide, that had fun with then everyone got into the richness of the heart from the son of Sultan, and his students in the Mevlevi Veled many people self-tied in Europe and America today is not only the Islamic countries are also curious and tried to figure out.

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