Bayburt village museums in the underground city, county

Bayraktar village, 45 kilometers away from the center of Bayburt, Coruh among the hills overlooking the River. Apiculture people, live on animal husbandry. This small village is the name of the last year, Professor. Dr. Thanks to the Museum of Bakshi started Koçan'ın Husamettin heard all of Turkey.
Okurumuz, Sevim Ozcan wondered Length literature teacher, went, wrote his impressions.

Visit, the order in which points of interest between the Bayburt is located? I wanted to stop by here on your journey to the shores of the Black Sea to Erzurum with my wife opened the main reason I have learned from the press, the only kind in the world, Turkey's largest museum, the Museum was to see Bakshi.
What I knew about the museum? Opened a month ago, I read in the newspaper. Prof. Dr. Ear Husamettin native village by the Baksı'ya (Bayraktar, new name), a museum, that's all. Was here she was determined to see.


Bayburt, Gumushane, compared with a large city, mid-Coruh filtered flows. Magnificent castle dominates the city on a hill far away stands out. Coruh coast tea gardens, historic clock tower, a small square, narrow streets ... A little stroll. Bakshi will learn how to go to the Museum. Ready to get way over the window of honey comb honey comb, honey cans knees in front of the store stands, looking at shop window. The owner comes out. Hi, chat, chat ... The new product is honey still did not exist, the Showcase of yılınmış, appearance bakmamalıymışız, yaramazmış us, balıymış sugar. Alabilirmişiz new product easily. This year the drought was not, bees are fed a natural, but not yet been harvesting honey ...

The first time I encounter who do not want to sell honey at store retailer. This is not possible not to admire the honesty of the people of Anatolia a pure heart! Up to fifty kilometers Bakshi uzaklıktaymış Bayburt. Honey dealer friend saw the museum, impressed, and we görmeliymişiz. Even in the underground city, there was a town of Aydintepe, they will also gezmeliymişiz. Gidilirmiş Aydıntepe'den Baksı'ya. Good day to leave votive.
Bayburt, 20 kilometers Aydintepe. Road goes straight from the plains, from time to time we find greenery. Some of the people in agriculture and animal husbandry geçindiği. Aydintepe a small town, standing in the center. Small tree shade in the heat of a tea garden ... a refreshing swim in the People's working lunch. Now there are drinking water from the fountain into the blood into the blood.
Kah ways after a good, sometimes bad. Look forward. Coruh River to the left after a while, the narrow, winding mountain road we enter. Climb up. Prolonged and if the road. Coruh behind, was as follows. And that's before us the different architecture of the museum! On the hill overlooking the valley of the Coruh. Rural-urban migration and a bit later Bayraktar gurbeti marked by a typical Anatolian village.


Approaching. Two young girls meet us at the door. Okuyorlarmış Erzurum Ataturk University. Artist-instructor Professor instructors. Dr. Husamettin Koçan'dan are praised. As our knowledge of what is said about the museum at least think that for my husband. Preparations for the museum began in 2000, took place the participation of volunteers working together. Past the structure of the foundation since 2005. Exhibition Hall for the ride start: Public official instances, text images, medicine cups, orgies, stone prints, pottery, ceramics, traditional weaving ehramlar, clothes made from them, and art that combines tradition with contemporary artists' designs. Library, Conference Center, Bayburt House, Guest House and other units Workshops.
The artists were invited to Guest House painting workshops yapabilecekmiş mold. This is not just a museum. Husamettin Koçan'ın said, as "traditional culture and contemporary life and to meet the field." Traditional works of art produced by local women, where will be developed. Showcases bright, urban clothing stores will be produced in their webs. This understanding, patience, labor, labor in the face not happy, is not possible effort not to get respect.
After visiting all the units plunge into the course of the environment. Impressive appearance. Our town, away from the barren hills, hills ... Below this the nudity for his life with pride, coy coy Coruh flowing ... Naked young girls across the bowels of the mountain near us, a point on the full show: "It's my village." People here nor place, nor drink, how to live, I ask. "Beekeeping," he says proudly: "There is no similar balımızın region." Flower of the prairie hope that this young girl with love and admiration I looked at the ...

We now turn. Feelings, thoughts are a mess. Bakshi (Kyrgyz Turkic shaman) is a village in Anatolia ... He is not far, for those who want to go and see.


Aydıntepe'deki tea garden of the "Underground City" sign catches my eye. Tea gezeceğimizi ask how the quarry here. In the meantime, I read the sheet: the first Christians who were expelled by the Romans, in order to hide and shelter their vermekteymiş impression.
The first burial chamber found in the excavation. Ministry of Culture ediyormuş excavations continue. One young man came and locked the door opens. Input 1 TL. Inmemizi kid down the stairs, lights, pursue, 1150-meter walk from one place to download çıkacağımızı saying, in case electricity is cut off a hand lamp ignites and we locked the door on us. Ürpermemek not obtained. Enough to accommodate one person trying to walk like a maze by tilting our heads in the road. Let cool and damp, wet places. From time to time sağlı sollu small chambers, I think in three or four large rooms. A very eye strikes, temperature 13 degrees. For some reason, afraid of accelerating steps. Oh to see the light of day are having a profound distance. Open the door and going out from one place to another. Trying to get to know the surroundings. Place six of the City at the tea garden, the asphalt road, a row of apartment and have a rather large hill.

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