Kangal fish, pieces of dead skin and the kind of genetic skin disease, atopic dermatit'i gnaw

Poplar district in the village of Sivas Kangal thermal and creeks that grows like sardines or fish. Runner's belly silvery gray. Is about 3 to 10 cm in size, easily with people because their skin is approaching the region's shortage of protein feed.
The most important feature of the approach of the people due to lack of nutrition and skin proteins and dead skin on skin and kind of pieces of genetic skin disease, atopic kemirmeleridir dermatit'i. During erosion and deposition into the saliva under the skin of a kind of salt that is believed to cure psoriasis skin disease.

Especially in areas of patient skin kemirirler. These are also called doctor fish. Coil healing property of the fish population has identified and established in terms of primitive fish in the ponds next to the tents, waited to chew on volumes of startling. Today, under modern medical conditions and care expected kıpırdanmadan tedavşleri fish swimming pools.

European biologists have determined the type of fish that can Heckel in 1843 and has been in litaratürlere Latin Garra rufa.

The fish made ​​a long promising medical research. This feature of the structure of the fish with the warm and sunny region is thought to play an important role in treatment. Have not been medically proven to be good for all skin disease.

This feature is also heard in Europe and out of the country illegally abducted in various countries are produced.

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