Aktopraklık mound excavations in the world to discuss findings

Prehistory Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Arts Faculty and the head of the team carrying out excavations at Aktopraklık Assoc. Dr. Necmi Karul, said in a statement, beginning about 8 years ago, excavations began on July 10 and 23 September as part of this year's sonlandırdıklarını said.
skeletons found in excavations
Karul, 8 thousand 500 years old and studies in the region this year for the years 5700 BC, representing yoğunlaştıklarını Karul layer in the region, told their determined that the circular layout of the settlement.

Karul stressed it believes the new structure remains,''One of them is very well preserved. Mud-brick walls, wooden ceilings of mines and preserved until the finds unearthed a natural,''he said.

Quite different positions in the center of the settlement this year, striking ulaştıklarına Karul skeletons, said:

A small courtyard in the center of the circular shape of the settlement'', as used in the cemetery. Collectively termed the burial graves here have reached a few meters intervals 3. Alışagelmemiş burials, very very interesting. Especially interesting are in the courtyard, are very different. Skeletons in the excavations of this period, usually the child's mother's womb bulunuyorlar stance position. Burials, and we found one of the vertical, the other two in the prone kapaklanmış.''

The burial gifts do not have the

Another issue that makes this different from the skeletons indicate that the absence of a''grave hediyeleri''nin Karul,''skeletons in excavations of this period, and uses some of the items buried with jewelry, that is emerging. In general, dishes, sink objects such as necklaces. This 3-skeleton buried in the grave,''he said without the gift is described as jewelry and furniture.

Gömülenlere carefully removed leaving the skeletons of grave gifts in different positions emphasizing Karul, detailed investigations of these burials have continued.

Excavations in the last year,''bond''with pork attached to the skeleton reaches its position, such as reminding Karul, said:

His hands were tied behind the back''the skeleton of 2 adults and 3 children reached. As one of the children connected with the cessation of pig ties caught our attention. This new skeletons who reached close to each other. Some questions come to mind. What it means to be present in the skeletons? To those found with the skeletons of last year, the research, the bones were found reaching the trail will lead to injury or death. Again, think of the sacrifice ceremony, or be killed for any reason. There is no data entered in a show organized fight. Organized at a time when the fight does not have skeletons in this way is very interesting. Location of all of them, a few meters away from the center of the settlement even though they are also very interesting. Suggests that they are the victim or the execution, especially burayla getirildikleri.''

Finds from the world to discuss

Karul, Aktopraklık'ta information unearthed by the findings, the project partners from abroad, which is shared by nine universities expressed,''Austria, Ireland and Germany as the world's universities are partnering with various different parts of the 9 countries. Information exchange continues. This year it came to foreign colleagues, was the exchange of information,''he said.

Archaeological excavations are created, coupled with the data revealed that the net results can be accessed through Karul, work has continued, especially the skeletons belonging to an attempt to clear the data are obtained, he added.

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