The season of rain and humidity. Kaçkars disperses clouds in the middle of September

July, is thought to have the most beautiful time of highland along the eastern Black Sea. However, local people in July and August, "bad months" dubbed.
The season of rain and humidity. Kaçkars disperses clouds in the middle of September, the weather berraklaşır, surrounded by forests, wears red clothes. This feast lasts until the end of October. Vargitler also opens in September. This is a sign of a return to flowers Kaçkars purchased here. Vargit flower, also known as autumn crocus, Colchicum speciosum'dur region huzmancuk also called the Latin name vargitin. White plateaus, villages, mountain villages in the eastern Black Sea in the pinkish color of migration it is time that we see vargitler. In the village, a harbinger of a long winter of preparation.

The tops of the mountains surrounding the forest cycle, starting in autumn leaves of roses Kaçkars face amount of flushing. 2 thousand meters below the forest cover, this time in the yellow and red hues of a rainbow of color live in bürünerek. Wild animals in hibernation, the search for them this season telaşındayken, swinging freely over the summer the cows gained yaylacılar katıklarını "woman" puts the so-called wooden storage containers. Additives to be consumed in the village in winter, some of them will be sent to relatives gurbetteki. Recovers houses, beds "Tacar" is, that is, hung from the ceiling and the next year to meet with sorrow vedalaşılır mountains.
Laz Kaçkar Mountains ecosystem and summers spent in the highlands Homshetsma expatriate, formerly with the animals to migrate a lot, now a refuge for alanken, literally breathing space! Still River along the left past the center of town Camlihemsin sapıldığında above the name of the villages, as well as spa tourism announced Ayder scorched, Ceymakcur, Paakçur, Huser and Avusor as possible to see the highlands. When you continue towards the Valley from the Storm Çamlıhemşin Çat'tan Elevit, Haçevanak, Karunç, Trovit, Palovit, as Apevanak plateaus are reached. May - June, the months of the start time of migration from the high plateaus Kaçkars silsilesindeki decades, the end of September in the highlands, is now the time to be undershot, because it can withstand the snow to the door, go imkânsızlaşabilir ... It should therefore not be ignored vargitleri.


A child this spring, go to the high plateaus, which meant a very early hour to wake up in preparation for a difficult journey. Provisioning loaded mules, a good three months plateau dönülmeyeceği seçilmeliydi düşünülülüp. A profession and at that time also, though katırcılık erzağı supplies were brought to what's happening mostly on a voluntary basis. We now believe, after falling early in the morning there was nothing else hayvanlarımızla roads. It is interesting that the cows spent an entire winter in the barn for a while and then goes off by heart has been ways to get the smell of spring. Makrevis Pokut Plateau, Central and Pogina jointly used by the villagers, an area of ​​2 thousand 100 meters altitude. We set off early in the morning to reach our house, brought out in the highland. Power is not everything in daylight ayarlanmalıydı plateau. Although it is difficult in the first place mahmurluğunda the morning after the feast, for a certain distance of the journey is one of the best springs, as well as at the beginning of ice break in, your food and dish prepared at home. Usually, I like ice which is the sequel to cooked eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, collard greens stuffed in some of the passengers were completed by this combination. Enjoy the meal we did not find anything else after this ritual, koyulurduk road. From the climb up towards the century-old pine and beech trees, though in places difficult to get a little bit exhaustion hafifletirdi leveling the forest trails. Within half an hour to mark the end of the journey Pokut'a Pilunçut ulaşmamızdı Han. Tues Pilunçut Plateau enjoy the tracks on the right after alignment, with its own yaylamız Pokut'a folks the right way. After free time mountain ...

CLEAR AIR SEPARATION plateau is very difficult

Is freedom to live in this village. This is the only thing that restricts the freedom of the change of seasons. Fall is the season of highlands, stroke and Kaçkars "Huzmancuk" vargitler called when it is time now to go to plateau. Difficult to hit the road. It burned for the songs: "Oh Mountains Doli likaba manisa / argatiya imagined my days ..." So, this village there are many fruits, are collectively and everyone looks around the highland days.

Or whoever is living in the area from Gurbetten plateau, there is always the life of people living in Kaçkars, will be maintained as long as there is also a place. Now every one of the plateau can be reached by car, so commuting is not the issue. No walk-ways in the past several hours, the poor animals do not carry the burden pounds. But the plateau is always there. Yaylacılar, overalls cry from the tone and leave behind the ears pergola "weeping" vedalaşırlar mountains ... Especially the air is turned on, all the beauty of the mountains very difficult to leave your selamlayorsa. Is checked one last time, and two drops of tears bağırlara stone is printed. Despite all kinds of highland cow feeding technology, downloads and winter additive to the village of containers put it consumes every Yaylacık selamlayalım following another compilation: "I'm leaving plateau / Fall came his içun / Each puğardan water içtum / Sevduğum senun içun ..."


Sal and Pokut'ta houses suitable for production of traditional wooden houses, usually in spruce or chestnut tree, as the elaborate architecture stand out as houses. Where the lower floor of the stables, with a maximum of three rooms, low ceilings, very old ones, but the last time this was done with two-storey houses, now is the cottage for most people. Transhumance still continues, and leaves people empty plateaus, highlands, is having.

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