Istanbul fascinates the world-renowned group Il Divo

One French, one American, one Spanish, one of the Swiss ... All charismatic, sympathetic to all of them, all sleek, gorgeous tones apart from each other ... Here they are fascinating Istanbul, the world-renowned group Il Divo ...
Thursday evening, the group Kuruçeşme Arena, Istanbul represents a musical feast of music lovers will never forget this summer, has lived. Gives a new interpretation of the classic works in concert Il Divo'nun received extensive attention not only of Istanbul, the city off and abroad participated in many a fan.

'Come What May', heralding the start of Il Divo concert with a group of parts, postures and sounds of the scene, as well as engaging manner managed to leave quite an impression on the audience. Quarrel among themselves, and the audience to stumble upon a magical concert took place in an atmosphere livened up even more.

Good evening, instead of 'Y.VŞAKLAR'
After the first song, the French member of the group Izambar Sebastian, I asked to speak Turkish, but many did not succeed. Izambar, "Good evening, Istanbul" while trying to say "y.vşaklar Istanbul" ediverdi a sentence such as consumables. Thanks to the audience understands what a blunder at a time Izambar laughter drowned the situation much as he wanted to pick up was not successful, Swiss Urs Buhler grew up in rescue. A fluent Türkçe'yle "Good evening," he greeted fans Buhler was the admiration of the audience.

At every opportunity highlighting the beauty of the women of Istanbul Il Divo'nun Spaniard Carlos Marine, flirtatious glances and compliments she managed to impress fans.

American David Miller cute smile and speeches and speeches aroused a feeling of almost stand-up show, came to the Arena have been decimated.

TARKAN imitation of Sebastian

Only David, but all members of the group energy is quite out of place. Sebastian is an imitation of Tarkan is also quite likely. Tarkan's 'spoiled' Sebastian humming the song, the audience did not forget to send a kiss. hürriyet

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