Eros mosaic in the world do not like fishing

In Greek mythology, called Hippocampus, half-fish, half of the world at a mosaic of the animal on the fishing Eros was claimed to be unique.

The presence of sea-class neighborhood where the ruins of the town 3 years ago discovered the remains of mosaics excavated by archaeologists started in the area of ​​Adana Museum Directorate.

About 1 week and the next team of archaeologists continued Crochet Arslan study revealed the presence of a villa. Senior government officials are thought to have belonged to the period when a part of the villa at the top of the rear part of the fish's tail, which is depicted in the figure of Eros mosaic was uncovered fishing.

Marble, glass and stone mosaic made using the might of the late Roman or early Byzantine period, were reported. In Greek mythology, called Hippocampus highlighted the high quality and at half fish half of the mosaic of the animal on the fishing Eros was claimed to be unique in the world.

Can be installed MOSAIC MUSEUM

Deputy Mayor of the subsequent excavations Ovarian Erol Erden, mosaics has been noticed by chance three years ago, one week is not an example of the mosaic of the excavation in the world, he said. Erol Erden, a senior government official or the chief of the excavation period, only a part of the villa belonging to the continuation of the mosaic resulting from the emergence of the opening said they expect. Erden, "This villa is a vibrant mix of horse and fish on the fish preying on young and adult painted figures of Eros has been reached. Experts rate this figures is the first in the world in this way before, say there is a painted figure of Eros," he said.

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