Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon will be run on Sunday, November 11

This year, 34 time being be held and sponsored by Vodafone Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon in the name of the organization, 88 countries, as well as about 13 thousand athletes, about 100 thousand people are expected to march to the public.

Scope of the organization, as well as the public parade, marathon chase medals in three different categories athletes. 34 of a total of $ 1 million in prize money will be distributed Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 8, 15 and 42 mile races to be held in 3 different categories.

'' Gold'' category will be run for the first time

34. Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon,'' gold'' category will be run for the first time this year.
Has the distinction of being the first and only race in history of the organization intercontinental laid 195 meters of 42 kilometers marathon last year, the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAFF) was awarded the title of'' by'' Gold Category. Marathon, so Europe's top seven in the world, won the right to be one of the best 17 races.

50-thousand dollar reward for the winners of the marathon will be

Male and female athletes in the race will be the first marathon race will be awarded 50 thousand dollars. The second 25-thousand dollars in prize money given to athletes in the future, third with 15, fourth with 10, two 8 thousand dollars in prize money to win the fifth reported.
In the meantime, the android and iOS devices VMaraton'''' with the application of the Istanbullians, 34 Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon is an easier way to have access to all the information they need about. Marathon will take place on the starting and ending points in the areas of entertainment with DJ music, marathon, special programs, both professional runners to find photography, as well as moments of fun to live in public rally participants will be provided.

Marathon course

Marathon, the Bosphorus Bridge toll is about 300 meters behind the start. Athletes leaving the bridge after the turn of Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard, go to Besiktas, Karakoy will run the coastal road.

After the Galata Bridge, intending to Eyüp marathoners, Feshane Yenikapı out Unkapanı by then will return. Bakırköy to turn to the Gülhane Park, dating back to the beach, trails, the park will be passing through the Blue Mosque. Marathon finish line, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires at the meeting, and a fitness center square, and the Egyptian Obelisk entrance to the Blue Mosque, respectively.

Other tracks

Organization under the 15-kilometer run, however, the Bosphorus Bridge tollbooths at the foot of the marathon will be completed about 300 meters behind the start.
Immediately after the start of the marathon run at 8-kilometer race, Tophane will end.

People walk under the bridge on the Asian side Altunizade begin. It will participate in marching, the Bosphorus Bridge, left after the turn of Beşiktaş, Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard and down the beach in front of the march on the path BJK Inonu Stadium would.

On the other hand, 8, 15, and 42-kilometer races at 09.00 am, the people in the march at 09.30 to begin. On the other hand, traffic lanes will be closed during races. cumhuriyet

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