Izmir evil eye beads, imitation of Chinese fighting

Is the birthplace of the evil eye, and today Kemalpasa Izmir Menderes districts and mines, representing the continuation of the production of real glass evil eye beads, hard working, as well as modern enterprises to be identified because of the evil eye figure in the Turkish culture abroad, there were exports of a variety of souvenirs, he said.

The beads produced using the figure of souvenirs from India to Norway, Venezuela exported to 35 countries so expressed that they Hardworking, evil eye beads, and this figure is the most important problem, due to an error of our own making, as Turkey said that the Chinese manufacturers that mimic .

Hardworking, Izmir, used in the logo, so the city and even the country, introducing the figure that symbolizes the evil eye, often used by the Chinese in recent years complained, said:'' Some of the evil eye figure of the Chinese people to produce business leaders provided awake. Today, Turkey's tourism regions objects offered for sale evil eye 80 to 90 percent figure is produced abroad. Everything is so cheap in China. In Turkey, energy, labor is expensive. No sector can not compare the costs of dealing with the Chinese. 3 three concepts related to Turkey, first of all in the world comes to mind. These evil eyes, Turkish bath and Turkish delight. We need to get with these products.'' cumhuriyet

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