Nemrut Crater Lake Paradise Alexander the Great, beautiful in all seasons separately

North of Bitlis, Tatvan within the boundaries of the district and the height of 2 thousand 935 meters Nemrut Crater Lake, Eastern Anatolia Region is one of the natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

beautiful in all seasons separately
Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great discovered in the eastern time and history books,'' Heaven'' referred to as Alexander the Great Nemrut Crater Lake, lakes, hot and cold water, steam chimneys and ice mağarasıyla offers a combination of the difference in a large number of visitors.

Mount Nemrut where the sport of skiing in the winter, in summer hosts dozens of species of birds and endemic plants.

Governor Veysel Yurdakul, Nemrut Crater Lake, promotion, publicity and communication is very important, noting that the lake north of Lake Van, in the context of the project, said it was an important destination center.

European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) award-winning lake in Europe Project, Department Of addressing priority in promotion, said:

'' Nemrut Crater Lake is a registered place. Introduction of the lake have exhibitions held abroad. North Van Lake Project, a team trying to realize infrastructure needs. In this context, occupied by asphalt road up to the Nemrut Crater Lake. In addition, maintenance of the lake and the surrounding area, are working to clean. Ahlat Tatvan and municipalities have given on this subject, and in these areas with maintenance tasks. After that, there will cleanliness issue.'' cumhuriyet

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