Voyager's "Who is the Best" poll, Argos boutique hotels in the category "Best Location" is selected.

Performed by Voyager, the first travel magazine for "Best Who" category of boutique hotels Argos poll "Best Location" is selected. 

15 Voyager, life magazine The readers in the tourism industry "Best of" ni chose. "Best Who?" Voyager's readers poll, making travel a way of life through the eyes of the consumer to assess the tourism industry recognizes the different players.Identified seven different categories on June 12, 2012 Cem Ceminay'ın color with the presentation of prizes to the winners. Argos With a prime location overlooking the Pigeon Valley and Mount Erciyes boutique hotels in the category "Best Location" is selected.
Award, co-founder of Argos Cappadocia'nın took Ilıcalı Neurosurgery. and 4-month-long survey on its Web site filled with 18 453 people attended.Boutique hotel in the category "Best Location" award in Argos, with the story of 15-year restoration. Aga Khan, the former heart of Uchisar Village, Cappadocia, in consultation with award-winning architect Turgut Cansever the project consists of hillside mansions in stages spanning 5. Hotels, private location, a unique landscape that connects all walks of life, his loyalty to the authentic settlement, the difference in the region, creating a sophisticated interior design and superior service quality, environmentally sensitive, sustainable development of Cappadocia as a conversion project is an important model."Inside the hotel in the village described as" beyond being a tourist destination Argos classic, concept monasteries, special sections, such as underground tunnels and cellars guests a complete experience.
Two thousand years in the monastery at Bezirhane campus, once used as a caravanserai, monks and priests are housed, reside in camel caravans on the Silk Road, a place where beziryağının produced.Seki hotel's a la carte restaurant cooking techniques and local materials blended in the modern. Lezzetlenen organic foods herbs collected from the garden, the hotel's own vineyards produced grapes in the cellar listened Kalecik Karası Seki mainly underground, the best in its category is accompanied by Turkish and foreign wines. Guests can enjoy Cappadocia, Pigeon Valley, watched the lounge by the fireplace on the terrace or in the spring, warm conversations take out ...habertürk

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