With the highest levels of LEED Gold certification certificate awarded a hotel in Turkey

The world's most important environmental sustainability and energy efficiency award, the highest levels of LEED certification was awarded the Gold certification of a hotel in Turkey.

LEED Gold certification in the world, with only a 15-hotel project, the first hotel in Turkey with Amplio Real Estate Investment Co. Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn by the Golden Horn was positioned.

Tissue surrounding the nature and appropriateness of the building layout and architecture designed according to criteria of the LEED process, Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn, the LEED Gold certification in the world with only 15 became the owner of the hotel project. Water consumption, use of solar energy, recycling stages of building materials used and quality of interior space as a result of the evaluation of multiple-point with a certificate that can be given to a hotel for the first time in Turkey. 

Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul investor Amplio Real Estate Investment Co. Alaeddin Babaoglu Chairman of the Board in connection with the award "in the current environment of mutual sharing of breath taking to contribute to the ineffable feeling. In order to be sensitive to the environment, yatırımımıza added an additional $ 5 million. This certificate is the first hotel in our country, we are thrilled us. "He said will also be involved in all projects that demonstrate the sensitivity of being friendly to nature.

They made of 30 percent recycled

To support the local economy and fuel consumption from 30 percent of project costs in order to prevent environmental pollution generated by preferred local materials of construction of the hotel consists of 30 percent recycled materials.PROPER WAY positioned plotBenefit from sunlight, water consumption, reduce the project referred to as issues such as creating a dense, regular shape of the land plot by considering the positioning and planned special seating. Evaluating the radiation angle of the roof section of the hot water needs with solar panels positioned for 6 months is provided by solar energy.


1 - Sustainable land and fields:

At the end of construction of the elimination of pollution, prevent erosion of fertile soil, projects, public transportation, parking and bicycle spaces close to the positioning of the protection of natural life.
Even cleaned the mud from the trucks tekerleğindeki Excavation project has been in the heart of Istanbul, the Golden Horn, stands out as an important point. 

2 - Water use efficiency:

The use of rain water, water savings of 40 percent, less water use toilets, conservation of resources.To reduce water consumption, water consumption, less importance was attached hotel project in the areas of landscaping, choose plants that are local and adaptation functions were the ambient conditions. Efficient irrigation by 67 percent by using a water-saving irrigation system is provided.

3 - Energy and atmosphere:

30-50 percent of energy saving, utilization of solar energy, solar light to take the building location and design, HVAC system, the use of automation systems, reduction of energy expenditure, provision of energy efficiency.Evaluating the radiation angle of the roof section of the hot water needs with solar panels positioned for 6 months is provided by solar energy.

4 - Materials and resources:

Materials used are high quality and natural, recyclable waste collection, re-use of resources, minimize consumption.30 percent of the indigenous materials used in the project, 30 percent also reveals the best use of resources to be recycled.

5 - Interior quality:

Provision of indoor air quality, thermal comforts of a different provision of the lighting system to be adjustable.Located between the LEED features, implemented by Hilton brand for the first time a "non smoking" approach applied to the Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel'inde.

6 - Design What's new:

Develop criteria for LEED designs, be included in the new applications that may contribute to the environment.


.S. GBCI in the United States Green Building Council (U.S. Green Building Certification Institute) by the construction of new buildings or existing buildings to be applied renovasyonunda certain LEED certification given to considering the criteria for sustainable design, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency awards.According to the classical buildings of healthy, environmentally friendly, more economical and profitable operation expenditures that identifies the LEED Green Building Rating System for buildings in high-performance, environmentally sustainable building design, construction, operation and maintenance of building owners and operators must ensure that a practical standard.habertürk

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