fragrant roses on a vacation in Isparta Rose, who began to tourism says no!

Isparta, the 'rose tourism' visitors coming to the city under the rose garden rose rose after collecting the stages of processing factories is lurking, so you have witnessed in all aspects of products becoming rose.

Isparta Cultural Tourism Director Abdullah Kilic, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, meadows, nature parks, all kinds of tourism activity can be done in a corner of paradise is a city of Isparta expressed the Western Mediterranean.

Isparta's world, reminiscent of rose oil production meets 65 percent of the sword alone, the zone before flowering rose, then the entire world with the unique scent of rose oil fascinated stressed.
Isparta, Turkey'' Rose Garden'' is a city of 'famous slogan describing the Sword,'' Roses rose harvested in Isparta city is done in May and June. And districts of the city center during the busy harvest spreads the smell of roses. Rose gardens of roses collected is processed in factories. The products are sold in stores in the city center roses,'' he said later.

For roses of Isparta in Turkey, not just to carry significant value for the world voicing Sword,'' in May and
our city rose in June to gather a large number of domestic and overseas visitors a day. This number is increasing with each passing year,'' he said.
Objective 1 million tourists

Especially this year, European countries, Japan and Turkey, representing organized daily tours in many regions sword rose gardens, Japanese public broadcaster this year, 'NHK' and Qatar, 'Qatar' television crew shooting a documentary done in the rose garden and rose oil facilities , thus contributing to the promotion of the city would provide the world said.

Isparta Cultural Tourism Director Abdullah Kilic, increases with each passing year the number of tourists visiting the city, said,'' Last year, 230 thousand tourists konaklamıştı our city. The daily number of visitors reached 650 thousand. This year's goal is 1 million visitors and ensure that our city,'' he said.habertürk

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