Up to fame in the last 10 years the United States İskilip'in original meal stuffed iskilip

İskilip'in fame in the last 10 years as the United States to entitle up to expiry of the original dinner ca. Mostly weddings, engagements and celebrations banquet meal is cooked.

Delicious with rice and meat from the region is a complicated technique, but this dish that brings together the most healthy way thought to be inherited from the Ottoman Army. Some experts, based on the same cauldron to cook meat and rice with no confusion chefs special technique developed by the Ottoman Empire during the campaigns, he says. First, rice hot, washed with brine, durulanıyor. Kavruluyor onion in butter. Removed and mixed with butter, onions after rice. Pepper joined, "ca" is filled sack called the two, connecting the mouth. Placed in the bottom of the large pieces of veal with a big kettle. Trivets into the boiler, on top of an inverted konuluyor URL. Sini will be put on the parchment-like paper wrapped up the second sack. Sini inversion, condensation of the steam valve at the top of the sack paper sacks will cause water droplets to protect the winding. Off the mouth of the accident, sıvanıyor dough. A stone placed on top of the lid. Opens a small hole in the dough to release steam control. Boiler remains on fire for 12 hours. Chefs from the smell of steam, according to fire the boiler firing decisions and reduces the level. Place the rice accounted, the boiler they drenched with a rich gravy, then place the meat on top of the rice served is nibbling. Beginning and end of the 12-hour cooking sürecininin weddings unchanging ritual, the owner invited chefs bargain tip. Many, including the storage method used in this bucket, even watch the game itself is an entertainment for the guests. Before the service is a small portion of Cooks, stripped of his plate, and then reverses, koyana service continues to tip over. Other indispensable Mönünün noodle soup, vinegar and flour halva tzatziki. Corum of today's most ambitious facility ca stuffed Iskilip Seyirtepe Social Facility.hürriyet

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