Söbelek reputable stuffed dinner guests

Morchella world famous name, common name of Turkey is known as Morel mushrooms söbelek Corum.

Kargi town, overlooking the Red River Valley, the heights of Mount Kose, Abdullah, especially under the pines near Highland Gathering from April until the beginning of June. Boil milk with mushrooms or onions kavurup this valuable public eats yogurt poured on top. But Corum stuffed spesyalitesi cuisine. Guests are served fresh cork stuffed in his peasant. Boiled for 10 minutes before the mushrooms. Buttery roasted onion, finely chopped tomatoes, peppers, fill with water over low heat cooking at. Butter, is an unforgettable culinary fungus appeared to enjoy the belirginleştirdiği. Often stuffed with restaurant menus in homes has not entered yet.hürriyet

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