Russians, jeep safari tours and see the natural beauties of Antalya

Forest-dependent towns of Manavgat district İbradı Oymapınar and jeep safari tours of the summer term began. Russian tourists are showing interest in the region up to safari.

Tourism Travel Agency Tour Owner and nature tours specialist Unser Günyeli Aziz, the more Russian tourists have shown interest in safari, he said. Taurus 14 thousand tourists last year, indicating that they had Günyeli jeep safari tour, said it has created 10 thousand in Russia. Pointing out that the intense interest in Russian intellectual Günyeli safari tourists, tour the Russian, German, British, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavian tourists has also expressed interest. Günyeli, jeep safari tour of the Russian tourists Selge ancient city, ancient city of Seleucia, Oymapinar Dam, Altınbeşik Cave, Eynif Plain, the historic Forest Houses, Beskonak Canyon, Cave, and rafting Simoğlu gezdirdiklerini the region, he said.

Owner Mobaly Tourism Travel Agency Russian Andrey Baranov, jeep safari tour in Turkey last 69 thousand Russian tourists came and said it happened in the Antalya region of 41 thousand 470. Baranov, the pilot region of Russian tourists in the Antalya region Oymapınar jeep safari tour, he said.habertürk

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