"Adam & Eve" once again, Turkey's leading "Design", "Honeymoon" and "SPA" Hotel was chosen

Adam & Eve Hotels heaven on earth, the most respected organizations in the field of tourism by the three separate branches of the Russian www.tophotels.ru Pesticide "best" selected hotel.

Hundreds of the world and Turkey within the scope of the organization assessed the hotel Adam & Eve Hotels, Turkey's Leading Design Hotel in 2011, Turkey's Leading Honeymoon Leading Spa Hotel Hotel in 2011 and Turkey in 2011 was awarded. Thus, the list of Hotels 2011'inTop award certificates delivered recently made its mark on Adam & Eve Hotels.

Into service since 2006 and so far there are 31 international award-winning Adam & Eve Hotels, Russia www.tophotels.ru three awards given by the best that Turkey has proven itself once again.

Adam & Eve Hotels internationally as they receive no reward is no coincidence, and every year the world's "best" si still be selected that they would Kayi Group Chairman Talha manners, said: "Both the design as well as service and quality as the only competition with ourselves . number of guests from around the world each year is better. So far we are very happy to görüldüğümüz world's most prestigious awards. Finally, three separate awards received by the Russian www.tophotels.ru crowned this happiness. "

Adam & Eve Hotels: Kayi Group, founded in November 2006, Turkey's only hotel which hosts the most tourists of different nationalities. Construction of the 120 million euros and $ 1 million spent on renovation of Adam & Eve, design, architecture, one of the most special places in the world with high-level service.


Design of the Mediterranean's largest hotel.

Adam & Eve Hotels Awards:
Fashion TV in 2007 by the "Best Design Hotel" was chosen.
"World Travel Awards" by the full 12 times in four years, the "best hotel" earned the award. Four of these 12 award "World's Best Design Hotel" won the category for four consecutive years. In all four, including four consecutive years the "Europe's Leading Design Hotel" category was obtained.
In 2009 and 2010, the "World Travel Awards" by the "Best Couple Hotel in Europe" was awarded the title.
Adam & Eve Hotels In Europe it was organized in November 2011, WTA, "Europe's Leading Design Hotel" (Best Design Hotels in Europe), "Europe's Leading Couples Resort" (Europe's Best Double Hotel) and "Turkey's Leading Hotel" (The Best Hotel in Turkey), Turkey's Leading Design Hotel (Turkey's Design Hotel) awards. by www.tophotels.ru, Turkey's Leading Design Hotel in 2011, Turkey's Leading Honeymoon Leading Spa Hotel Hotel in 2011 was elected in 2011 and Turkey.
Rheiland also by TÜV and ISO 10002 Customer satisfaction is certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.habertürk

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