Three thousand years of waiting to be discovered underground city Aydintepe

A new underground city belonging to the early Christian period Bayburt'taki

found by chance a few years ago. Three thousand years of history unearthed

Treasury is now open to visitors.

City of Bayburt is in itself a historical, cultural treasure. Most important
One of the north-west of the wealth of Bayburt, 25 kilometers from the center
Aydintepe modest distance (Hart) Aydintepe Underground City which bears the town.
Mayor Aydintepe Orhan Eraslan'la while visiting underground city
its art, history and archeology knowledge admired. That this work
and overtime gave the volunteers that specialize in these matters literally. Me
According to the sayings; Aydintepe underground city, the city is settled immediately
below. Corridor-shaped public spaces before the existence of
He knew, but girilmemişti into. In 1988, during excavation of the construction
accidentally unearthed the underground placement of Cultural and Natural
Heritage Council taken under protection.

* SINGLE * carved in stone

Conservation Board approval of the district by the city after 2008,
The work done under the supervision of museum visited 850
meters removed. Karadeniz Technical University and the seismic
As a result of screening, the other tucked into the southeastern part of the city
have been found to be. These portions of the later studies
will be revealed.
The only major building material the use of any of the underground city of tuff
carved into the rock. Corridors, right and left of the rooms, in places, large
areas, places lamps for lighting, ventilation holes
there. There is a castle on the hill just above the surface. Castle
approximately four thousand years of archaeological excavations at the foot of the graves identified
been. This is how Hart formerly an old Aydıntepe'nin
indicates a settlement.


The underground city wall in the figures point to three thousand years of history
are. These places depending on the time, Christians and Muslims
also used by the. Intended use as a refuge in the general
thought to be for. So the people here in case of danger
sığınılıp, then go on and life outside.
Location in the rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and water needs
There will also source and a pool. So far, the drop-down sections
identified eight vent pipes for air conditioning operation
been. Aydintepe Underground City, a very important tourism region
Although one of the places yet to receive the attention it deserves dissemination
and publicity for this lack of investment in more
removal is required.
Guided by a knowledgeable person, such as underground city mayor
gezebilirseniz will understand the secrets of great history. In addition, groundwater
also used to build the city of three thousand years ago, engineering knowledge,
you will be amazed.

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