faith is a very important center for the history of mankind Gobeklitepe

'' Göbeklitepe responsibility to the world if we introduce, the number of tourists coming to Turkey every year to 100 million per year, the number of tourist arrivals to 10 million can be taken to Sanliurfa.

Turkey, since the early 1980s, began to obtain an important place in world tourism. 20-30 year period in world tourism league, 20th in terms of tourism income and the number of tourists tırmanabilmiştir first 10 queues. Over 30 million tourists in 2011, ranking seventh in world tourism, tourism revenue in the 9th has taken place.''

The work of the Neolithic period

Turkey's natural, historic and cultural values, indicating that it has the potential to be compared with countries of the world in terms of any Hasan Red, this potential can see the world tourism league pointed out in the first place.
Turkey, the tourism attractions of interest to the people stated that the red ones to carry the responsibility to provide, a statement was made the following statements:'' The world is Gobeklitepe doubt at the beginning of the works may be of interest. Old world, accepted by scientists as the cradle of civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Göbeklitepe up in the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, Sanliurfa located within the boundaries of the early Neolithic period of approximately 11 thousand people 500 years ago, a monumental work of their ancestors. This is the people's ritual (rituals) in order collected, an important religious center in terms of human history. Turkey, only Göbeklitepe'yle may be of interest for tourists from around the world. Presentation prepared for the projects at the international level without losing too much time. Otherwise, the value of the priceless treasure of this world works, generating added value for the country and the region, worthless, and will continue to exist in a way.''


Gobeklitepe Neolithic settlement, located near the village of Sanliurfa Örencik 18 kilometers to the northeast. Universities in Istanbul and Chicago in 1963 for the first time officials discovered during surveys Göbeklitepe'deki Excavations since 1995 jointly by the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin Museum, and runs Sanliurfa.
Neolithic excavations so far'' T''-shaped stones, wild animal figures, 8-30 meters in diameter, circular and rectangular-shaped ruins of ancient temples in the world, many wild animal figures, human statues, stelae, and about 12 thousand years 65 centimeters in length before the people as belonging to historical monuments such as the statue was found. '''' The temple is the center of the world's oldest Gobeklitepe mentioned some time ago, a UNESCO World Heritage List had been temporary.

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