Anzac dawn ceremony and tears in emotional moments

Australian and New Zealand, thousands of tourists who died in the Battle of Gallipoli 97 years ago their ancestors, where to draw the ceremonies commemorated Anzac Cove. Anzac dawn ceremony and tears in emotional moments.

From early in the morning at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Australia and New Zealand tourists who flock, Sleeping bags wrapped in blankets and slept on the grass on the shore waiting for the start of the ceremony. 05:30 hours, beginning with the ceremony, the soldiers from New Zealand and Australia, the Anzac's silence to commemorate those who died during extraction has been found, read prayers. National anthems and flags stolen, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a speech following the retreat.

TALENTED lying waiting for an opponent

Prime Minister Gillard, emotional speech, said: "They yabancılardı on foreign soil. World away from the tip of the people who come in hope of ending a terrible war. However, these have taken place. At dawn on even the shadows were falling the disaster-filled day. Here are so familiar yet so foreign and the beaches and hills, then under the leadership of the person to be a great leader, a gifted lay waiting for the enemy. to the Turks, Atatürk ordered his soldiers to die, not just the land and country to fight savunmasıydı mukaddesatının. more than 130 soldiers lost their lives in this place. And here's who fought our nation, our allies, and Turkish soldiers died. It is a place where the shining glory and the honor was also the most eye-receiver. "

OUTCOMES WITH THE TURKS are like children

"The Turks are the children of our own as our losses have honored and outputs them," said Prime Minister Gillard, said: "The Turks did something rare then the pages of history. Anzac Cove this place was named in honor of the defeated. The Republic of Turkey owe a big heart are. No nation can not protect mabetlerimizi better and more generously to this sacred host could not visit them. Dear competitor, proved to be an even greater friend. Turkey hosts, thanks to our most sincere hope that those leaving the coast they are doing it: we come back . Always back as our future. today will turn into darkness at the end of the dawn. But the sun never unobtrusively on their courageous actions. now and always will remember them. "

I wept my tears

Anzacs in tears during the ceremony was not experiencing the emotional moments. Later, Australia and New Zealand, visited the memorial tombs. Some have remained in the nearby hills to the sea.


New Zealand Minister of Veterans Affairs Nuthan Guy said they considered the turning for the countries of Gallipoli. Guy, "a small war on the west side of this struggle in our country untouched by human loss and did not leave any community. Memories are still in each village, standing at each corner of the country's territory. Their names are etched on the long lists of our young New Zealand society, evidence of the bloody conflict left deep scars" he said.


Later, the Anzac mothers addressed and in 1934 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, "the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears, your sons hearts. In peace and tranquility will sleep comfortably within. After giving their lives for this land have become our sons as well," he begins a letter , read in English and Turkish by Turkish officers.

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