The official name of the old name Zeytinbağı Trilye rum with a rich historic architecture

Trilye accessible 90-minute ferry ride from Istanbul, growing in popularity in recent years, Mudanya shakes the throne.

At the end of those who want to escape the big city, offering many different options to Week of historical buildings in town, can explore the history of wooden houses, observe nature in the spring awakening. Olives and olive oil shops, seafood restaurants on the beach a break in the palate.
The official name for a long time, "Zeytinbağı" but the public loves him still recognize the old name, "Trilye as" remembering continues. Suddenly they saw that he does not get the appropriate rules of origin, this time quite close to the Turkish language as a "Tirilye" his as. Here changed the name of the first period of Christianity, not Turkish exiled to the "Three Priests" from among the rumors. Is connected to the town of Mudanya even managed to be competitive. "If Mudanya truce and rich Greek architecture, the history of our, friendly, and guests can open that adds havamız have huge hearts," says Trilyeliler.

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