Began in the first cherry harvest in Manisa

With the beginning of harvest, merchants, warehouses, downloaded cherries, packed in boxes of women employees are carefully placed one by one by purging. 

Cherries are packed, especially in Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Ankara, including hotels in the country being sent to the various tourist regions.
Cherry Producers Association Chairman Mustafa Kabasakal Manisa, Turkey's first cherry harvest this year as every year the town began Bozköy Sandzak and cherries produced here that the natural and hormone-free, he said.

Kabasakal, cherries sold in the domestic market for the moment, begin to be exported to about 10 days later said.

Cherry production is 2 million tons in the world, it produced about 215 thousand tonnes Kabasakal Turkey, Manisa, 215 thousand tons 50 thousand tonnes, which in turn produced 30 thousand tonnes in the town Bozköy expressed. Kabasakal, cherries are produced in town was given half of the domestic market, half of which was exported, he said.

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