amanruya amanresort's first investment in Turkey was opened in bodrum

Aman Resorts is the world's 24th in the world's most famous boutique hotel chain, opened in Bodrum, Turkey, the first investment Amanruya. Sanskirt language of peace, meaning "god" and the Turkish word for dream, called the merger offers a unique holiday Amanruya.

The famous boutique hotel chain, Aman Resorts in accordance with the general concept of harmony with nature, respect for human scale, local materials and traditional architectural elements of creative, contemporary interpretations through the use of re-addition to providing guests with maximum comfort, 36 rooms was implemented to provide an exceptional environment Amanruya'nın original Meal and Mehmet Emine Öğün'e design by the architect.

Year-round facility that will serve, who died three years ago, in 1992 the well-known philosopher and architect Turgut Cansever Cansever Feyza daughters, and son Mehmet Emine Meal with Meal won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 'is in the field, including Iron Houses. Thus, the establishment of a tourism Turgut Cansever sample to perform the imaginary land of iron, he is the founder of the Tuya Touristic Investment and Construction Co. participating as a partner and investor in the project is been implemented in cooperation with Şerefoğlu'nun Ozturk.
Only in very special and exclusive destinations in the world taking part in projects recognized Aman Resorts, a justified reputation of the countries where tourism has positively affect the face.

Surrounded by pine and olive trees, which is adorned with a large land Amanruya, guest houses offering breathtaking views of the sea is a peaceful hillside location. The plant has been inspired by the region's traditional architecture creates an elegant pavilion designed the character of a whole. The guests from the entrance of the resort's serene, loving, and waking up to a step by step in a peaceful environment. Stairs, ramps, levees, courtyards, balconies, pergolas, outdoor, semi-open spaces with intermediate association reflects a typical Aegean village with a warm, organic ambiance without compromising on luxury and convenience. Strawberry stone, mahogany tree, and the region known as the Mugla White marble, natural materials such as pebbles, thus forming a texture that freshness.
Providing a unique and privileged environment Amanruya'ya him, gently trying to hurt each point where it is attached to nature, a total of 36 guest house with garden and swimming pool. Main venue, group living and dining, barbecue stoves, beds and a large working desk with mosquito nets. Bedroom dressing, makeup and a minibar with a guest house where whiteness is dominated by intermediate section connecting wonderful bath. Living room opens to the garden with pool and bower. Providing enough privacy to be abstracted from the environment of each room with stone walls, trees and shrubs are wrapping. The average width of 32 m2 and 22 ponds during the winter 28 degree heated pool. Guest houses floor heating, fireplace, air-conditioning system, shower in the garden.

Facility; an input Pavilion, Bodrum is inspired by a traditional three-storey tower houses a library, bar, wine and cigar cellar, a private meeting and dining rooms, boutiques, art galleries and two massage rooms (Amanruya'nın Aman Spa, at the end of 2012 opened) and includes four dining pavilion. 50-meter swimming pool and tennis court facility is surrounded by marble. A small pebble beach and pier table is completed.

Turkey's diverse climate and combined it with local, fresh seafood Amanruya'nın helped to develop a menu that changes seasonally. Breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the pavilion has four open. Amanruya'nın home-made bread and an appetizer platters, picnics, or if required, they are ideal for those who miss the feeling yazlıktaki was eating dinner at home.

Amanresorts, founded by Adrian Zecha. First opened resort Amanpuri (Place of Peace) in Thailand, Phuket is located. Then Amanresorts in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, France, Indonezya, India, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, from 24 different countries including the United States and spread to Turkey.habertürk

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