Regarded as the capital of the world dried apricot, Malatya

Apricot Research Station Manager Yasar rich, apricot production in Malatya said that based on past 1800 years. At the time, which manufacturers the apricot harvest is applying the classical methods of drying fruits describing the rich, the last restructuring at the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Research Station, the name translated Malatya Apricot Fruit Growing Research Institute in 1937 with the establishment of the first applications to be made towards the conservation of dry apricots industrial sense, said that beginning.
Rich, these applications in Europe in 1900, performed in the 1800s known in the U.S. said. Well-known varieties of Malatya dried apricots, dried apricots to make agriculture the''Hacihaliloğlu'',''rough''Vaccine,''Çataloğlu'',''Soğancı growing varieties, such as''that tells the rich,''In recent years, our institution registered Alkaya had had the apricot varieties among others. Higher dry matter content of this kayısılardaki''he said.

Summarizing the work of private rooms facing the cooking of sulfur dioxide by using the Apricot rich among the people in this room, also called''apricot''iSlim roof of sulfur dioxide by burning cook, clean, and then a large amount of glands and kurutulduğunu said vapor blockers or balancers.

Rich, the Malatya Fruit Research Institute, made the first of this application, then the producers had adopted it, and noted that the application had been made by each manufacturer at the moment. Rich lives,''the first years, these special rooms made of mud brick. Door plastered with mud, have prevented a take air during cooking. With the development of the technology of plastic doors, the doors have been contracted in airtight vacuum,''he said.

In recent years, 2 kilograms of sulfur dioxide had been burned for cooking saves a ton of apricot with rich,''In this way, there is provided a gram apricot 2 ppm of sulfur dioxide,''he said. Dried apricots are exported to Turkey Yasar Rich pointed out that one of the 4 food,''Dried apricots were $ 350 million in exports last year's return. That income is rising each year. Dried apricot trees planted each year in our province, 200 thousand. Fidanımız apricot harvest 7 million in total. Each year, apricot expanding planting areas,''he said.

Natural apricot shone brightly in the

In recent years, among the people called''dry''sun dried apricots that are produced in the rich,''Day kayısıya dried apricots also called natural. Sulfur produced by drying the soil were not exposed to very large apricot sun dried apricot flashed quite a few recent years.

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