Satisfaction is no longer a priority for the tourist guides who acted inappropriate will be arrested

Regulation Amending the Regulation of Professional Tour Guides of today's edition was published in the Official Gazette. Regulation, the particulars to guide candidates to search, "lack of criminal record" was wanted for the condition.
The amendment made by the crimes of negligent translated into short-term alternative sanctions to imprisonment, or have more than 6 months imprisonment, or even if they have been pardoned the crimes committed against the existence of the state, simple and peculation, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust , fraudulent bankruptcy, or honor or dignity disgraceful crime, smuggling, official bidding or purchasing fraud, convicted of crimes of revealing state secrets, crimes have to wear a provision that can be referred. However, tourist guides, visa operations will be made if convicted of these crimes.

Based on the change of professional tourist guides, threads of each year, to be determined by the Minister and one of the mandatory in-service training seminar will participate in at least one of three fields. This amendment, the guidelines were included in the international student exchange programs, ongoing education.

The nature of public institutions and organizations, professional organizations, attend seminars abroad, in-service training for their task and guides, excuses about the situation and inform the organizations or notarized documents translated. Amendment to the regulation of civil servants by cutting guidance to those who have nothing in the return path opened in the profession. According to this re-employment of civil servants to return to cut civil service relationship within 2 years from the date they must apply to the ministry. 20 years of actual guidance to those who previously guided the amendment made in honor card to life.

Provisional Article appended to the Regulation before the date of publication of this article with 38 repealed guidelines under Article completing 20 years of de facto states to submit applications and documents in the ministry to be evaluated. Previously, two times a year after the amendment to the guide base fees written in consultation with the relevant professional bodies will be determined annually by the ministry.

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