A cost of $ 700 million, the new Palandöken Ski Center is now used for tourism

Last year, close to 3 thousand athletes from 58 countries attended games before the winter snow had waited a long time to Erzurum. Do not drop due to drought, such as snow machines use water in the ponds did not have artificial snow. Tanker moved to the water, artificial snow machines to work in the water.
Snow was trucked to nearby cities. Tracks created with difficulty, and 27 during the opening ceremony of the Winter Games Oca'ta, flaky snow began to fall ... But it did not last long.
This year, winter came early in Erzurum. Often the first snow on October 29 yağardı. This year's Day of the Republic did not wait even. Palandöken season's first snow fell on October 1, the next day continued at intervals. The ski season begins on November 19. Konaklı opened the season on Dec. 11 execution of mechanical facilities. Enough for the snow falls this year, snow machines run. Palandöken'deki new snowboarding, cross-country trails and mogol the circuit has not entered yet.


One of the two pond used for artificial snow are still disabled. Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Old Tekman Road to the pond water leak repair will be fixed next summer. This winter will also göletle Palandoken one. If the mechanical equipment is running smoothly. The mechanical equipment during the first weeks 4 hours standing trials, had been stranded in telesiyejdekiler. General Manager Ertaç Booth, "The system is currently under trial for the sudden there was a lockout. No worries, a more yaşanmayacak an event like this, "he said.
Winter, the Kandilli games after the slides during the run, ski jumping hill towers Kiremitlik showcased. Halls in the city center ice skating, ice hockey, figure skating and curling-makers are overflowing.
Frequenter of Russian tourists in winter, skiing games last year led to turn to other ski areas. Plants in the second week of February, but began to accept tourists. This year, the Palandoken, Ukraine and the Russian market was unable to find hope. Palan Hotel General Manager Leyla Mutlutürk, again for tourism promotion in exterior yöneleceklerini said.

Palandöken Ski Center 15 kilometers from Erzurum Airport, Erciyes'ten with the highest irtifadeki runways. General Manager of two hotels in the mountains, in the Nuri Avşarer Dedeman Erzurum, "Palandöken the airport 20 minutes away. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, two hours after the plane binenler Palandöken begins to slip, "he said. Skiing and skating options offer customers, those who wish to bringing Konakli said would be taken.
Dedeman, Polat Renaissance, Palan, Dedeman Ski Lodge's then put into service last month as skiing last in Xanadu, a breakthrough deemed important to tourism, "hello," he said. Hotel its own pond, snow spray, and set up the mechanical system. Facility between the tracks so that the pine trees December 1 to April 30 150 days of guaranteed snow and ski holiday offers the opportunity. 4.5 km long, 800 meters of track and 24 hours of skiing can be ışıklandırılıyor night. Care is an expert in the Austrian ski resort. For Children was founded the first ski parkıda Xanadu'da.


20 kilometers away from the city center of Erzurum Konaklı Center was officially opened on December 25. Participants enjoy the vast opening of the ski tracks made. Opening ceremony of the cag kebab was served to attendees. Palandöken mountain hotel located on the planned eight Konaklı. Facilities for day trips to keep the leisure, food and beverage sales Failure to criticism.


On January 27 in Erzurum, a three-day "Culture and the Winter Sports Festival" begins. Culture and Tourism with the support of the ministries of Youth and Sports created an extensive program. Deputy Governor of Ozgur Arslan, launched eight years ago and again this year the festival will be implemented, said a more duplicated. The festival "Wingsuit Palandoken" by the team of 8 people, a helicopter will show ski jumping. Ice sculpture competition will be held. Using artificial snow machines in the largest man made snow. The statue will be the height of 20 meters. The artists will perform, including Abraham Erkal'ın. Winter sports related conferences are held. Competition for children to sled. In addition, skiing, ice hockey and ice skating federations to perform a variety of events. Palandöken ski jumping world championships in February, also the world's young people jogging and Nordic championships held in slides.


Palandöken Ski Center Ski Federation runs 12 tracks, 8 have a mechanical plant. Mechanical equipment at the beginning of 2 thousand meters altitude skiers, takes up to a height of 3 thousand 140 meters. Gondola Lift, in two stages and a total of 3 thousand meters long. There are 130 Gondola cabins, each cabin is four people. 8 thousand 800 people an hour moving to lift and telesiyejlerle Goldol. Those who Büyükejder skiing hill, about 10 kilometers down the slides inerlerse travels all the roads. South, the valley, Snowdrop the most important ski areas skiing and snowboarding slopes. The shortest length of 800 meters of runways. Hotels own slopes and ski lifts offers its customers the possibility of using unlimited and free. Skiers coming from outside, is paying $ 30 for unlimited use daily. The same fee applies for mechanical facilities of the Federation.
Center, a dish resembling Konaklı mechanical plant is 6, 11 have runways. The length varies between 3 thousand meters with 800 meters of runways. Konaklı 3100 meters above sea level to a height of 2 thousand thousand meters, starting from the exits of mechanical facilities. Telesiyejlerle 6 thousand people an hour moving to the peaks of snowy mountains.

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