people looking for peace and tranquility of the first address it wants to relax and Gocek

Mayor Recep Satir Gocek, Gocek's blue trails of the journey is essential, he said. Many guests from abroad, as well as domestic tourists that ağırladıklarını Satir,''a man searching for peace and tranquility and it wants to relax Göcek'tir first address.
This is the highest in the season, even without excessive noise is always a region of peace all the time. Both the social, and relaxing for people to have a structure in the natural sense,''he said.

Located in the Gulf of Fethiye Gocek bays are handled almost like lace that expresses Satir, said:''Gocek bays each fold a different beauty, harmony, contains a separate. Gocek bays you can see all shades of blue and green, are unique in the world. Our gods have tax our nature, there adalarımız and koylarımız. Yacht tourism is one of the trails are an indispensable adalarımız've made the one of the reasons both large and small, and consequently also embraces an incredibly green and blue with an avenue, a natural wonder. It is therefore a separate element of excitement. This is always an avenue to live in different colors, frame by frame.''

The favorite of local and foreign celebrities

Gocek town is close to the airport, the plane landed 20 minutes later because of the reach of domestic and foreign guests that come into the limelight Mayor Satir, the borough's most famous name ever tell you ağırladığını.
Monaco's Princess Caroline, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson received notable among these guests Satir,''Turkey Gocek and important artists in the world who come to prefer one of the important reasons why the citizens nor the media does not bother at all what a vowel. They prefer to find the peace and tranquility here, live plentifully holidays,''he said.
Attracted the attention of the village, the whole world that expresses Satir, said:''The sun, the warmth of summer all winter warms your insides. Especially in the winter is an ideal place for those who want to sail. Storm, even if the weather is always hard, albeit sheltered bays available. So people can hide there is always a corner. Everything, our life on the sea. For this reason, we need to be more precise. This is not only our own, a town which attracts the attention of the whole world. Therefore, a more protectionist, and behave more carefully.''

Municipal liquid waste from the boats as they had established for the system describing the Satir, boats and yachts for about 5 minutes by linking to the system, waste dumping, he added. Göcek marina, noting a total of 6 serving 12 months in 3 rows,''a permanent yacht marinas total capacity of more than a thousand. The highly-equipped marinas in Göcek for his service during summer and winter tourists from several European countries also accommodate yacht. And safe for yacht marinas and boat owners, as well as ideal locations. For this reason, where boats leave for the countries of our guests return to peace of mind''

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