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An ancient Aramaic language. Paint onto paper sülyan Thousand goatskin bible written 1500 years. Cross, the back may be made. The light reflectance of the back done.
Süryanca'nın punctuation marks. It was written by looking at the letters. This book is written in the facile goat skin. Gospel of Barnabas is not such a thing

Palace of Justice, Forensic Emaneti'nde containing a Bible and Prophet 1500 years. Aramaic of Jesus gave the first written history of the Bible counsels, the news attracted great interest in police custody is transferred to the Museum of Ethnography.

Photocopy of the Vatican wants the alleged value of $ 4 million by the alleged 40 million is a very striking biblical came out.

By the peasants in a cave in Hakkari in 1981, the sarcophagus of a portion of the Bible written in the Aramaic language of Jesus and the Bible that translate up to the conclusion that a portion of the Gospel of Barnabas Prof. Dr. Hamza Hocagil 7 News found striking comments.

Hocagil, currently exhibited at the Museum of Ethnography and the alleged 1500 years old as it is called the Gospel of Barnabas in 1987, studied and argued that the Gospel text is not a fake.

Barnabas is not anything like GOSPEL

Prof reached him by telephone. Dr. Hocagil, examining the images mentioned in the Bible stating reflected on television said: "The Gospel of Barnabas said he had seen the book in 1987, Agri. I also have a copy. He looked at the time. I brought one from Iran or from the East. That is a very important book. Not even 1500 years old. Leather is a very important time in years before 1500. This book is a very ugly skin raw, I think sülyan written in paint. Gospel of Barnabas is not such a thing.

Respond to a goat skin

The book says it is not exhibited in the early periods Hocagil skin, "the former generations who commit the skin, using their papery skin. Written such a patchwork leather Bible. This is the tradition of the Syriac, Aramaic ... contrary to the tradition and technique of writing 1500 years ago in that period, 7th century until the 4th century, the Assyrians developed a large and technically. "Damascus, Papyrus," he made the paper. Such a patchwork of such a period, not dried goat skin. "He said.


Gospel of Barnabas is not possible. Where is the Bible can. Behind it there is sign of the cross. And in a sign of cross have such light holograms. Kurds probably a product of intelligence. Persian Persia may be. There behind the cross. Cross is not a time back. Is always in front of the page. It also does not stand crooked. Most holy Cross.

The best person to read this Gospel of the Syriac Orthodox Congregation Spiritual Leader and Deputy Patriarch Mor Filiksinos also noted that Professor Yusuf Cetin. Dr. Hocagil, "Even a priest Morgabriel And if the monastery, Sunday And if the reader so comfortable. While fraud koymamışlar harekelerini Syriac. "He added.


7, which gives information on the subject, the Assyrian Church News is an authoritative, that there must be mentioned in the book in Syriac prayer book, said they can help me about what is desired. Assyrian Church official said: "If I can easily say that this book is what you bring to us. As a result, we know syriac. Each appears in the Bible, they think the old book. Not so. Missal may be. Or any other text. What appears to be easily examined "

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