Turkey started working for the creation of the first ice wall

Mountaineers, Turkey, very few natural waterfall, climbing wall, ice shows great interest in the winter months. Shortage of natural waterfall climbers delight in finding news, came to the town of Kahramanmaras-Elbistan.
Turkey and the world's major peaks and at the same time that the professional mountaineer Mountaineering Club president who Elbistan Hakan Coskun, 10 kilometers from the rock in the county, prepared a project for the creation of the ice wall.

Coskun said nearly two years working on the project, said in a statement, Elbistan Taşburun mevkisinde village on the spring water is naturally moved to the rock dove, rock, ice, the current flowing along a wall of water had expressed their desire to form one.

The project is technically the only defended on the basis of Turkey and neighboring countries Hakan Coskun, ice wall, if the creation of the region to do their own field of publicity, said he believed would be a serious attraction.
Wall of ice would be about 40 meters in height and 80 feet wide Coskun, said:

The interest in this sport,''the world is increasing every day. In our country, hundreds of professional mountaineers, went abroad every year doing this sport. In some countries, using the natural waterfalls, some countries are also creating artificial ice walls. In our country very hard to find frozen waterfall. From time to time the Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia, with a little karşılaşabiliyoruz frozen waterfall. Our goal here are going to create an artificial wall of ice to be made at least 4 months of the sport.''

2 years, 30 thousand people

In the event of a professional with the administration of the project is an excellent result would be suggesting that Hakan Coskun,''Turkey will be the first and only ice wall. Israel, Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Syria, neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan does not have such a wall of ice. Thus, 'the ice is being made to Kahramanmaraş country' can say. Indeed, not a dream, only to have their photograph taken two years after the ice wall will be 30 thousand per year from the number of people,''he said.

Clifton, co-driven by working with the ice wall of the Mountaineering Federation of Turkey, Turkey in general and international basis, speed climbing and technical climbing championship will be emphasized that no alternatives to issuance.

Hakan Coskun, national and international outdoor sports and tourism fairs to be opened to the wall stantlarla presentation made to the region in the country and people in the organization of an international tour that with improvement The possibilities, he added.
Thousand 500-meter high wall of ice to that region and weather reports for the last 30 years that transfers derlediklerini Coskun, the results obtained from the region said that they are appropriate to the ice wall.

The first ice-climbing race

Mountain climbing ice climbing, based on the foundation of the first race, in 1912, Brenva Courmayeur'de held on the glacier. Basic ice climbing technique that reveals the British climber Oscar Eckenstein, 1908, mountaineer football boot designed to be added to botuna. In the 1960s the French ice climber Yvon Chouinard'ın kazmasını to design a turning point in the name of this sport. Made of ice climbing competitions each year in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Competitions in Europe, the French ski resort Courchevel'di center. Here is the most adept climbers each year would meet a 40-meter tower with artificial ice. Tournament held over four legs, which started in 1999, turned into the shape of the World Cup next year.

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