One researcher, almost at the bottom of a liquid such as the phantom of the Hagia Sophia continues to handle the secrets of

One researcher, continues to dredge up those under the plaster, such as the Hagia Sophia and see the ghost of what is ... Hagia Sophia is a term supervision on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who, four six-winged Seraphim angel's face as the opening of one of the mosaic work in the world who signed the acclaimed architect Hasan Firat Diker (Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the Foundation University faculty member), Fossati'nin catches up.
Fossati brothers, during the reigns of Sultan (1847-1851 to) the Hagia Sophia served as the restoration and interior decoration works. Hagia Sophia is a liquid obtained by boiling the mortar mixture of ash tree leaves are used in the new work that highlights the Diker Based on the changes made by the two brothers, Gaspare Fossati'nin Hagia Sophia's stunning claims. Under the main dome of the Hagia Sophia that the Seraphim angels covering their faces with masks of zinc in the plastering and Gaspare Fossati'nin itself. 

half dome DEV Fossati brothers to work, "Profan" meaning "away from religious interference," said Diker, until now the lack of adequate documentation on the causes of this issue connects irdelenmemesini Fossati'nin interventions. Fossati'nin later closed during repairs, but the angel is a mosaic of other works not so lucky, the Hagia Sophia mosque used as a composition of a line from the Ottoman period. Fossati, corresponding to the top of the altar, on the eastern half-dome decorations updated in line with its own aesthetic understanding. And a half-dome, I. Ahmed, engraved with the period considered in the closed above the composition of the huge line. This great article was written into the frame of an equilateral trapezoid now drawn only a few hundred years ago, gravure can be seen. 

deciphered Diker, line engravings of the composition of review can be read only with a picture, D'Ohsson'un managed to decipher the text. Composition, 35 of Surat al-Nur All except the last sentence of the first phrases written in verse. The main dome of Hagia Sophia is still the center of Surat an-Nur 35 The first half of the verse's. "If you Fossati, after removing the plaster that contains the text of this article have implemented their own ornaments are gone now," says Diker. "But the decorations on top of the article is made directly reveal, or at least be able to reach the traces. In the case of technological imaging devices can also be taken in this regard the results more clearly, "he continues. Diker, Fossati'nin repair process under study was built for the Sultan in the reigns Mahfili'ndeki Sultan points out that an interesting detail. With the column headers in the gallery, made up of four sides motifte, international Masonic compass and square symbols were stylized fiction suggests. Diker, "which is of universal importance for the world of Islam and the Christian Hagia Sophia, the Tanzimat reforms at a time when this kind of meaningful symbolic quest to go. Reforms began in 1839 when a wooden Abdülmecid movements. Nasiplendiği westernization movements in the Hagia Sophia in a symbolic sense can be considered. "He says.

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